Pistol Spread Option Reloaded: Pass Attack & Screen Game

Pistol Spread Option Reloaded: Pass Attack & Screen Game
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Product Description

Learn a complete screen and short passing game system for the Pistol Spread Option offense!

  • Teach simple, consistent footwork for short routes, creating reproducible timing between receivers & the quarterback
  • Learn Coach Pratley's "built in system" of throwing to uncovered receivers and how it's communicated from the receiver to the QB
  • Get the basic pass protection Coach Pratley teaches, the adjustments against odd and even front defenses, and how to handle the blitz

with Anthony Pratley,
former Concordia University (Ann Arbor) Offensive Coordinator;
innovator of the Pistol Spread Option Offense

Discover how to take the heat off of your quarterback with the use of a dynamic screen package and the quick passing game. If you're spreading the field, defensive coordinators will test your ability to block a heavy rush. The zone blitz and other exotic schemes can destroy the timing of your offense and create numerous negative plays and turnovers. The answer to this problem is to get the ball out of the quarterback's hand quickly.

In this detailed presentation, Anthony Pratley, innovator of the Pistol Spread Option offense, teaches a screen and quick passing game. You will learn:

  • A screen package that can be thrown to any of your skill positions
  • Simple protection schemes that will keep your quarterback "clean" in the pocket and cut down on confusion on who the linemen should block
  • How to run the same play out of 3x1, 2x2, 2-back and empty sets
  • A quick passing game that allows for a high percentage completion rate, allowing your offense to move the chains

Screen Game

Coach Pratley diagrams four screen game packages. The first is termed the ID screen package, which involves identifying who is uncovered by defensive alignment and throwing a quick screen to that player. With the use of hand signals, any offensive skill player can be tagged to catch the ID screen out of any offensive formation.

The next screen pass that Pratley shares is the Rex/Lex screen, which is a receiver screen that is a complement to the zone play. The screen can be run to the same side as the zone or the opposite side of the zone, depending on how the play is called. The Rob/Lou screens are variations of the Rex/Lex screen that change which lineman are involved in the screen.

The last screen play that Pratley diagrams is the Rocky/Apollo screen, which is a screen to a running back. You'll also see how the Rocky/Apollo screen can be thrown to a receiver using the same blocking by the offensive line.

The Quick Passing Game

The quick game package features slants, hitches, and fades that can be run in any combination depending on how the defense is aligned and what coverage they're running. Pratley describes coaching points for the receivers on each route and the quarterback's read progression on the plays in the quick game package.

Pratley diagrams his play action pass package, which involves a traditional run fake and throw to a predetermined side of the formation. He also diagrams two different "pop" passes that feature run action and quick passes to take advantage of a defensive player's reaction to his key.

Pass Protections

Pratley diagrams the basic pass protection that he uses with his offense. He breaks down the protection vs an even and odd front and describes how the blitz would be handled from either an inside defender or an edge rusher. See how to teach your players to identify defenders, and how to communicate threats.

This video from Coach Pratley will give you an effective way to stretch the defense horizontally and advance the ball up the field!

59 minutes. 2017.

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