Pistol Offense: Inside Zone

Pistol Offense: Inside Zone
Pistol Offense: Inside Zone
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  • Get a detailed study of the "Inside Zone" play in a modified zone scheme
  • Learn how to attack and stretch the entire field using the inside zone's three points of attack
  • Learn simple rules and basic blocks that will enable your line to expertly block a covered or uncovered defensive front
  • Teach your running back to identify reads and cutback lanes beyond the line of scrimmage
with Lambert Brown, former Chaska (MN) High School Head Coach;
2013 Missota Conference Champs; 2013 Missota Coach of the Year; led Chaska to the state semi-finals in 2013

Every successful coach needs an inside zone play in the pistol offense in his toolkit. It gives your offense a highly effective, potent inside running attack to offset any defense. Whether you're facing an even or odd defensive front, or if your linemen are covered or uncovered, this approach is critical. In this presentation, Lambert Brown shares the concepts and principles that will allow you to successfully install and employ this effective strategy.

Using PowerPoint slides, Coach Brown discusses the fundamentals, principles and concepts of the inside zone run game from the pistol offense. You'll see proper alignment of the quarterback and fullback as well as reviews of the option offensive principles and the fundamentals for offensive linemen when zone-blocking for the inside zone run.

The strength of this play is evident in its ability to adapt to any offense, including non-traditional zone schemes.

Coach Brown provides fundamental instruction on ball skills required by the quarterback to help him find the read as well as his keys during the meshing point with the fullback. The fullback is taught basic footwork and Coach Brown emphasizes the aiming point. He also focuses on identifying the action that needs to take place after the ball is given to the fullback or kept by the quarterback. He shares practice footage for the backfield drill that helps train the proper alignment and steps of the quarterback and fullback based on physical skill level. He also covers the basic footwork and reading progression needed to effectively run the inside zone from the pistol offense.

Running the football inside usually requires complicated blocking schemes that take several hours to teach. Coach Brown explains blocking concepts against even and odd defensive fronts that can be implemented with minimal coaching. With its simple blocking schemes, the inside zone allows your offensive line to block aggressively, which develops confidence within your entire offensive unit. It also helps your running backs see running lanes.

This presentation gives you sound fundamentals and concepts on the inside zone running attack from the pistol. You'll get an offense that is simple yet flexible enough to block even and odd fronts whether cover or uncovered — all the while giving your team a mechanical advantage and outnumbering your opponent at the point of attack.

69 minutes. 2015.

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