Pistol Offense: Gap Read Run Game

Pistol Offense: Gap Read Run Game
Pistol Offense: Gap Read Run Game
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  • Learn how to combat the common problem of a stacked-box defense versus an option offense
  • Learn how to take advantage of aggressive defenses that blitz and stunt
  • Get simple blocking rules that allow the run game to be successful against any defensive front
  • Learn variations of the gap read that change the appearance of the play but not its simplicity
with Lambert Brown, former Chaska (MN) High School Head Coach;
2013 Missota Conference Champs; 2013 Missota Coach of the Year; led Chaska to the state semi-finals in 2013

Learn exactly what makes the Gap Read in the Pistol so dangerous!

Using a PowerPoint presentation, Lambert Brown shows you how to combat the common problem of a stacked-box defense against an option offense. Coach Brown's presentation demonstrates how to execute three read-play variations that use misdirection to keep the defense on its heels and take advantage of blitzes and stunts. He emphasizes how these variations are designed to look like other option plays such as inside zone.

Coach Brown begins by explaining his trap game, which is the basis of the gap scheme. Blocking rules for each position are diagrammed and discussed to provide strategies on how to block any defensive front using guard trap, guard trap/tackle pull, and guard trap/wing pull variations.

Coach Brown also covers where he would like to run the ball. First, he looks at running the play to the side where the offense has numbers. Next, he looks at picking on a defensive weakness or the side that has the best blocking angles. The GT and GW Counter are also covered as well as variations for each play that include an option or fly sweep. You can involve many different players in your offense using these variations.

In addition, this presentation is filled with game footage that provides a visual of how the offensive scheme ties together. Coach Brown shares several key coaching points on each play, and points out common mistakes and adjustments that need to be made during the course of a game.

Order now and implement an effective misdirection game that can be a nightmare for opponents to prepare for and successful against any front.

57 minutes. 2015.

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