Pistol Offense: Core Passing Game

Pistol Offense: Core Passing Game
Pistol Offense: Core Passing Game
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Product Description

  • Learn four combination passing concepts that will help your offense make use of space
  • Learn a simple call system that enables players to minimize thinking, so they can play fast
  • Get simple variations to each play that add additional pressure to the defense
  • Get routes and quarterback read progressions designed to beat any coverage
with Lambert Brown, former Chaska (MN) High School Head Coach;
2013 Missota Conference Champs; 2013 Missota Coach of the Year; led Chaska to the state semi-finals in 2013

Every spread offense needs a solid passing game. Using a concepts approach to route running, Lambert Brown details his quick sprint out and play action passing game from the pistol formation that's simple to understand but looks complicated when motions and tags are added to it.

You'll learn concept route combinations that an offense can execute using multiple formations. Using a PowerPoint presentation, Coach Brown takes you through each play, explaining receiver rules for both 2x2 and 3x1 formations. He also shows game footage with multiple looks at each play, giving you a visual of how the offensive scheme ties together so you, too, can run the pistol passing game to perfection.

Coach Brown shows the hitch, vertical and snag concepts as well as a play action passing game to marry with the zone running game. Teaching the play out of several formations, he gives an informative and easily understood explanation of the routes (and variations) ran by each receiver and the progression of the quarterback. In the vertical passing attack, a tag creates a shallow crossing concept that gives the offense the ability to make adjustments during the game to take advantage of any offensive mismatch.

The snag concept gives you the ability to hit a quick slant that converts to a stop, a sail route and a bubble. This play is a good option for showing quick for a first down or putting the ball in your best athlete's hands with the bubble. Coach Brown also shares a nice variation with the snag return play.

You'll also learn Coach Brown's numbering system, which provides a fluid, fast-paced passing offense. You'll also see how he calls and executes concepts to coverages. Players are empowered to adjust their routes based on pre- and post-snap looks to expose the holes in the defense. Receivers in this system don't operate in isolation to their route or their side of the field. Instead, they know how their responsibilities in a given concept use space to stretch and expose the defense.

If you're looking for a simple, effective system to expand your passing game this season, Coach Brown meets that goal with his strategies for deep and intermediate routes that stress the defense.

71 minutes. 2015.

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