Pistol Offense: Combining the Inside Zone and Veer

Pistol Offense: Combining the Inside Zone and Veer
Pistol Offense: Combining the Inside Zone and Veer
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  • Learn how the "inside zone" play offers a split-flow complement to a traditional veer offense
  • Get a modified inside zone blocking scheme that is easily adaptable to the veer running game and effective against multiple fronts
  • Learn how to run the veer against four different defensive fronts
  • Learn how to take advantage of the talent you have when playing superior teams
with Lambert Brown, former Chaska (MN) High School Head Coach;
2013 Missota Conference Champs; 2013 Missota Coach of the Year; led Chaska to the state semi-finals in 2013

Coaches often see the inside run game frustrated by an opponent filling the box with defenders. The spread offense takes defenders out of the box while the veer concept attacks the box. Lambert Brown gives you an easy, step-by-step method to incorporate the zone and veer blocking systems to keep any defense off balance.

Coach Brown begins by breaking down his philosophical approach to this style of offense. You'll learn how his background in a traditional under-center, veer offense evolved into a pistol offense that includes the inside zone play. Learn how to take advantage of your talent even when you may be at a disadvantage.

Using a PowerPoint presentation and game film, Coach Brown covers every technique necessary to marry the two offensive concepts. From quarterback footwork and reads, to offensive line footwork and aiming points, he thoroughly guides you through this transition in a very logical, methodical and step-by-step fashion.

The zone and veer scheme lets you stretch the field and gain a numbers advantage by leaving various positions unblocked.

Coach Brown begins with his slightly modified inside zone run. Then changing only the quarterback's footwork, offensive line aiming points and the superbacks aiming points, he expands his offensive attack by adding a veer component. By doing this he gives the offense a very potent and powerful second set of weapons. This enables you to adapt a proven inside run system and add it to a spread offense.

Coach Brown breaks down the terminology for offensive linemen to execute effectively and confidently at a high tempo. See how blocking schemes are set up against multiple fronts, with an emphasis on how lineman step to attack the different looks they will see.

Included in this presentation are cutups of quarterback drills as well as game film cutups. Coach Brown dissects this offense from the pistol formation, showing how it can attack every gap on the football field.

Get greater results from your run game with this inside zone and veer scheme. The nightmare that you can create for your opponent by utilizing this easy-to-teach hybrid may be exactly what your offense has been needing.

55 minutes. 2015.

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