Pinning: The Ultimate Finish!

Pinning: The Ultimate Finish!
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Learn six-time world champion John Smith's insights to effective pinning techniques!

  • Learn how to break an opponent's base down before going in for the pin
  • Discover how to use your opponent's successful shot against them and turn it into a pin for you
  • See how Coach Smith works to get a pin while in the process of a takedown
  • Learn to increase your team's ability to get more pins
  • with John Smith,
    Oklahoma State University Head Coach;
    5x NCAA Championship coach, 2016 NCAA Runners-Up; 2016 Big 12 Coach of the Year - 9x Big 12 Coach of the Year;
    2018 Big 12 Champions - 20x Big 12 Conference Champions;
    2x Olympic Gold Medalist, 6x World Champion, 2x NCAA Champion; 2x NWCA Coach of the Year;
    Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) James E, Sullivan Award (1990; 1st wrestler to win this award); Amateur Athletic Foundation World Trophy (1992);
    First-ever American To Earn FILA's Master of Technique Award (Best technical wrestler in the world, 1990);
    U.S. Olympic Committee Sportsman of the Year (1990); FILA Outstanding Wrestler of the Year (1991);
    USA Wrestling Athlete of the Year (1989); Amateur Wrestling News Man of the Year (1988); U.S. Olympic Committee Titan Award (2004);
    Named one of the 100 Greatest Olympians of All-Time (1996); Member, FILA Hall of Fame (Inducted in 2003);
    Distinguished Member, National Wrestling Hall of Fame (inducted in 1997); Member, Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame (inducted in 1997);
    Member, NCAA 75th Anniversary Team (2005); NWCA College Wrestler of the Year (1987)

    Oklahoma State University head coach John Smith has won at all levels, both as a wrestler and a coach. He's widely known for his capabilities on his feet, but he also had tremendous success pinning. Pinning, to Coach Smith, is the pinnacle of an individual match and he continually states the importance of not just practicing pinning a lot, but practicing 'getting to the pin' as well.

    Combinations and Breakdowns

    Smith covers several different pinning combinations as well as four major breakdowns that can get wrestlers to that point. This video begins with four breakdowns before covering eight different turns for the pin. All of Smith's turns can be performed from each of the various breakdowns, which is what makes this series so effective! Without the breakdowns, wrestlers cannot expect to score near-fall points or get occasional pins.

    Pinning Situations

    Coach Smith breaks down pinning from the feet as well as pinning off of an opponent's attack. These are particularly important areas since opponents are vulnerable as they attack and you can make things end in a hurry if you take advantage of the opportunity. Smith shows three different pins from each spot, and, how to ensure you finish the match quickly to prevent the opponent from ever having a chance.

    Every wrestler loves the excitement of the pin, and this video, from one of the all-time great pinning artists, will help you get more pins. Coach Smith shows solid technique that progresses from the beginning of the breakdown through a basic, but effective pin. Perfect for athletes and coaches at any level.

    59 minutes. 2019.

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