Peter Smith: Serving Techniques & Drills

Peter Smith: Serving Techniques & Drills
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A complete guide to serving from 5x NCAA Champion coach Peter Smith!

  • Discover the three main types of serve (Flat, Slice, Kick) and how to deploy them during a match
  • Get various tips and error corrections on the grip, stance, and ball toss
  • Learn competitive practice drills that improve serve power and accuracy

with Peter Smith,
University of Southern California Men's Tennis Coach;
over 500 career wins;
2014 NCAA Champions;
5x NCAA Champions, including Back-to-Back-to-Back-to-Back (2009/2010/2011/2012) titles;
5x Pac-10 Coach of the Year;
2011 & 2014 USPTA National College "Coach of the Year";
2x Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) "Coach of the Year" (2010 & 2012)

Decorated USC head coach Peter Smith teaches you about the most important shot in tennis: the serve. The serve is the only shot that you have 100% control over during a given point. This video is greatly beneficial for individuals and teams looking to improve their game by learning tips and drills that are used by one of the best collegiate programs in the country.

Breaking Down the Serve

Coach Smith breaks down the basic fundamentals and techniques needed to maximize your serve's potential. You'll see him explain the analogy of how a serve is closely related to throwing a football or baseball. Smith also covers two types of stance, the continental grip, placement of the toss, how to generate power, and finishing the swing.

Types of Serves

While power is important, Smith places a higher priority on the placement and the spin of the serve. He has his players demonstrate three types of serves and the keys to each of them.

Serves covered include:

  • Flat - When you're trying to beat someone with pure speed.
  • Slice - Ideal for doubles, when you're trying to generate some movement.
  • Kick - When you want height, security, and movement.

Smith ends the segment by talking about common mistakes that players make on each serve and how to fix them on the court.

Serving Drills

The last portion of this video includes different drills that individuals and teams can use that are fun, competitive, and will provide repetitions for each type of serve. You'll learn the following drills:

  • Target Serving
  • Target Serving Competition
  • Towel Hop Drill
  • Kneeling Serves
  • Coil Serves
  • Wall Taps

The serve is the most important shot in the game and USC's Peter Smith breaks down all of the different parts of the serve that are essential to achieve mastery. This video features great breakdowns and drills for players of all skill levels!

46 minutes. 2018.

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