Pete Newell's Big Man Moves and Skill Development

Pete Newell's Big Man Moves and Skill Development
Pete Newell's Big Man Moves and Skill Development
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Product Description

  • Improve your big men with Basketball Hall of Fame coach Pete Newell
  • Includes over 20 areas of big man development
  • Can be incorporated into any individual and team workouts and can be used at any point of the season
with Pete Newell,
Basketball Hall of Fame ('79), Gold Medal Olympic Team ('60), NCAA Championship ('59), NIT Championship ('49); 2016 Joe Lapchick Character Award;
and Mike Dunlap,
Metro State College Head Coach, 2X D-II NCAA Champions

Coach Pete Newell has spread his "big man" basketball principles across the world through his famous camps and clinics; he has helped teach the same drills and individual moves in this instructional video to some of the game's best-ever post players such as Shaquille O'Neal, Hakeem Olajuwon, Ralph Sampson, and Bill Walton. Coach Dunlap has also used these "Pete Newell" principles to transform the Metro State program into one of the powerhouses of Division II basketball. In this demonstration-clinic presentation, Coach Newell includes over 20 areas of big man development including pivoting, getting open, power moves, counters, psychological attitude, and 14 big man moves. Newell teaches virtually every move to get open, seal defenders, get jump shots and hooks shots, how to attack the basket, and how to finish strong. He also teaches and demonstrates the technique of the pick and roll, as well as all of the counters and reads to keep the defense guessing and off-balance. Everything taught in this basketball video can be incorporated into individual and team workouts and used at any point during the pre-season, in-season, and post-season for any age or skill level. You will learn from Coach Newell, America's "Basketball Guru", that coaching is for today and teaching is forever.

54 minutes. 2005.

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