Perimeter Development for the 4-Out1-In Motion Offense

Perimeter Development for the 4-Out1-In Motion Offense
Perimeter Development for the 4-Out1-In Motion Offense
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Product Description

  • Improve the continuity and spacing in your motion offense
  • Get all five players moving in the half court to create five offensive threats
  • Use player's natural movement to gain offensive advantages
with Jerome Allen,
former University of Pennsylvania Head Coach;
former NBA player of the Minnesota Timberwolves, Indiana Pacers and Denver Nuggets; 2x Ivy League Player of the Year and all-time leader in steals and assists while playing at Penn

Build the right habits to dominate with Penn's Motion Offense. Penn head coach Jerome Allen details the 4-Out 1-In motion offense that his teams have used the past two years to help recapture the same success that he had as a player.

In this on-court presentation, Coach Allen demonstrates his "ABCD" concept to get all five players moving and demonstrates how to build the 4-out 1-in by taking you through their bread and butter build up drills. He uses 3-on-3 concepts to teach his players how to shoot off the catch, to dribble with a purpose, and to create proper spacing within the motion offense.

Coach Allen puts everything together and takes you through their motion offense in a 5-0 setting. He places restrictions on his players so that they learn how to properly cut, space, and play within their system. Allen demonstrates how to use a screen at the elbow, back screen, fade screen, or cut to the basket within their motion offense. He teaches that natural movement is the hardest to guard and it gives your guards the biggest offensive advantage against any defender.

You will learn the different actions and moves your guards can make to get them open or get their teammate open. Allen teaches the concept of "slow to accept a screen and fast to use a screen" to help his players get off a quicker shot or make their cuts quick and crisp. He also teaches the screener how to properly square their shoulders and keep a low center of gravity to set a great screen on any outstanding defender.

Coach Allen finishes his motion offense and offensive principles by demonstrating one of his favorite actions within their offensive system: 6-50 Action. This action creates a lot of movement on the weakside which will help keep the defense on their toes with a backdoor action leading into a hand off and ball screen. This action is great for any level of play and will help you improve your team's continuity and spacing within your offense.

The concepts viewed in this video will teach your players to become more instinctive on offense. Give your players the freedom to make plays, while maintaining the structure of the offensive set. Allowing your players to play freely breeds confidence within them and helps to develop a stronger player-coach relationship!

52 minutes. 2012.

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