Paul Vincent's Secrets of the Pros: Pro Speed & Skill Development for Ice Hockey

Paul Vincent's Secrets of the Pros: Pro Speed & Skill Development for Ice Hockey
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Product Description

Improve practice-to-game skill transfer by implementing simple drills and game situations!

  • Learn how to use your hands more effectively when stickhandling and passing
  • Improve passing and receiving exponentially by using the heel of the blade only
  • Get off-ice workouts that stress balance, agility, and explosiveness

featuring Paul Vincent,
Director / Owner / Lead Instructor of PV Hockey;
skills instructor with over 35 years of coaching in the NHL working with the Chicago Blackhawks during their 2010 Stanley Cup season, Boston Bruins, Florida Panthers, Tampa Bay Lightning and Minnesota Wild; as a coach, he has won championships at every level:

  • 2010 Stanley Cup (Chicago Blackhawks)
  • NCAA National Championship (RPI)
  • Prep School Champion (Cushing Academy)
  • HS State Champion (St. John's Prep)

In this video, Coach Paul Vincent uses his straightforward skill development concepts to teach you how to take your players' stick handling and passing game to a higher level.

This video features instruction for players of all ages that will develop a wider range of motion with the puck and sharp passing and receiving skills. Vincent's no-nonsense approach is detailed, yet easy to follow.

Off-Ice Training

Athleticism is not only built with on-ice training, but reinforced off-ice as well. Vincent integrates two off-ice coaches, Mike Donoghue and Artie Hairston, to help you learn everything you need to beef up your off-ice training program. The off-ice training includes 11 exercises that enhance players' overall athleticism. Training focuses on improving core function and using plyometrics to increase explosiveness.

On-Ice Training

Using a progression and breaking the skills down to components, Coach Vincent presents over 30 stick handling and passing drills used to demonstrate the full range of motion and hand, foot, and eye coordination needed to succeed. Drills include:

  • Big Sweep - A technique to utilize a full range of motion that uses the bottom hand slide, which was developed by European players to create more space and optimize deception.
  • Post to Post - A puck handling drill to break the habit of hand tucking. The drill shows players how to be ready to pass, shoot, or make evasive moves without tipping off the opponent to their intention.
  • Bunt Passing - Uses the short stick blade to reinforce passing and handling the puck on the heel to mid part of the blade, which is the strength of the stick blade. Also helps athletes quickly move the puck from reception to release with accuracy and speed.
  • Two Net Lane Passing With Defender - This is a continuous cycle drill that shows the importance of dropping the puck.

Vincent's drills serve coaches and players at all age levels and reinforce key stickhandling and passing techniques. You'll see how to better utilize tools readily available tools at your rink to create stimulating drills. Help your players learn to execute deceptive moves and heads-up puck handling today!

78 minutes. 2017.

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