Paul Rhoads: Defensive Essentials and Man Coverage Techniques

Paul Rhoads: Defensive Essentials and Man Coverage Techniques
Paul Rhoads: Defensive Essentials and Man Coverage Techniques
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  • Learn several release drills for man coverage
  • Learn how to implement your defensive philosophy using buzz words or phrases to give your players something to identify with or build around
  • Discover Coach Rhoads' "Big 4" elements to help you to increase performance from your athletes
with Paul Rhoads, Iowa State University Head Coach;
former Defensive Coordinator at Auburn University and the University of Pittsburgh; named the Big East "Best Defensive Coordinator" in 2006 by the Sporting News

Paul Rhoads gives you the insight that has turned Iowa State into a highly respectable defensive school in the Big 12 conference. Coach Rhoads goes into great detailas he discusses Program Philosophy, Mental Toughness, The Five Phases of a Play, The Big Four (things to achieve good defense), Secondary Axioms, and an in depth look and the focus of the DVD on Man Secondary techniques (with on field practice and game footage).

Program Philosophy
Coach Rhoads gives an in depth description of Iowa State's Program Philosophy of "All In, Give It Up."

Mental Toughness
Coach Rhoads gives a GREAT look at mentality training. He talks about how important mental toughness is to anything you do with an emphasis on team sports. Mental Toughness edge prepares your players to attain a maximum level of concentration in order to play like a champion. Mental Toughness lends itself to discipline. Discipline will keep your players focused and at the ready to defeat any adversity that may try to impose its will upon your football team. You can tell by his passionate approach that he puts a huge emphasis on training the mind.

Five Phases of the Play-Defensive Philosophy
The game of football is getting increasing complex. These five phases will be a valuable guide to help your staff and players understand the game of football. The theory behind a play is defined and the science of the game is examined. He displays the importance of this aspect and also encourages teams to adapt this to the offensive side of the ball. These 5 phases will be a go to document that you will continually call upon as an invaluable reference guide.

The Big Four (to achieve good defense)
The Big 4 is the perfect guide to define what needs to be accomplished with your defensive football team - the four cornerstones that your defense is built on. Coach Rhoads will go over in detail the four elements to help you to increase performance from your athletes. These can be changed from team to team, but these are the four things that ISU believes that if they do, they will win the game.

Fundamentals of a Great Defensive Back
Coach Rhoads's true passion in the game of football is the defensive secondary. He demonstrates and explains his theory of what it takes to be a great defensive back and learn what their objectives are on any given play. You'll hear his "Secondary Axioms" that describe what the secondary must do to be successful.

Man Coverage and Drills (Press Coverage, off man)
When to play man, alignment, Eyes, baby pedal, cover with feet, hand in chest and drive shoulder are all discussed and the thinking behind these are all explained. Coach talks and demonstrates us through the drills that are used to create man coverage secondary personnel as well as drills to put players in any situation that they may see during a game. The Centerfield turn, stutter drill, and switchback drill all allow for a DB to learn the necessary skills to defend man to man. Practice drills, examples, game drills and game examples are all shown and explained. This gives a great visual explanation of what was discussed.

This video will improve your man coverage techniques as well as challenge you to take an in depth look at program and player philosophies.

Produced at the 2013 Louisville (KY) Nike Coach of the Year Clinic.

94 minutes. 2013.

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