Paul Hewitt: The 3-2 "Point Zone Defense"

Paul Hewitt: The 3-2 "Point Zone Defense"
Paul Hewitt: The 3-2 "Point Zone Defense"
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with Paul Hewitt,
former George Mason University Head Coach;
former Georgia Tech Head Coach; 2004 NCAA Runner-Up

In this instructional DVD, Coach Hewitt introduces you to his innovative 3-2 "Point Zone Defense" - the same zone defense Hewitt used to shut down offenses in the Yellow Jackets 2004 run to the national title game! Hewitt begins by giving each defensive player an assignment and demonstrates the defensive responsibilities that allow the zone to run effectively. It starts out as a 2-3 "look" by placing the 1 and 3 on the left side because most players are right handed and that is the side of the court a majority of shots come from. The 2 and 4 are placed on the right because of their size and offensive rebounding ability. The 5 is always between the ball and the basket. This defense is built around the "point"/"hole" philosophy, which means that there is always a defender on the ball (point) and one defending the basket (hole). The off-the-ball defenders are all responsible for an offensive player, this is why it is a great rebounding zone defense. Hewitt also demonstrates how to guard different situations such as: ball in high post, dribble rotation, cuts, on and off ball screens, and penetration. The "Point Zone Defense," is perfect for any team because it is easy to install, has basic and simple principles, allows for a defender to be in the face of the offensive player at all times, assigns box out responsibilities to each player, prevents easy baskets from baseline out-of-bounds situations and will break up a team's offensive rhythm!

77 minutes. 2005.

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