Pat Smith: The Low Single

Pat Smith: The Low Single
Pat Smith: The Low Single
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with Pat Smith,
Distinguished member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame (2006):
first wrestler to win four four NCAA Division I National Championships;
Director of the Arkansas Wrestling Academy, Head Coach of the Arkansas Junior/Cadet National Team;
former Oklahoma State University Assistant Coach

Pat Smith calls the Low Single "the greatest offensive takedown ever." In this in-depth clinic presentation, filmed at the Second Annual "On the Mat" Demonstration Clinic, Smith breaks down the move that has become synonymous with Oklahoma State wrestling. He begins by taking you through each stage of the Low Single, providing valuable coaching tips along the way. From there he covers the most common finish for the Low Single, the Crackdown. He also presents finishes to use based on four different defenses against the Low Single. Smith closes with two of his favorite set-ups, as well as strategies to use in case your wrestler misses the single. This DVD is a very thorough course on a move that can be used by wrestlers at any level.

45 minutes. 2005.

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