Passing Patterns, Transition Games & Finishing Games

Passing Patterns, Transition Games & Finishing Games
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Learn a variety of patterns and drills to help your team become more effective on offense!

  • Train players functionally using a variety of simple passing patterns that progress to become more complex
  • Get small-sided games that work on keeping possession, creating a penetrating pass, and more
  • Discover team finishing games that involve multiple players and will improve your team's goal scoring

with Alan Yost, Capital University Head Men's Soccer Coach;
coached Capital to their first NCAA Tournament victory in school history (2017);
NSCAA Premier Diploma holder (highest diploma offered through the NSCAA); associate staff coach for the NSCAA;

In this video, Alan Yost works his team through a series of passing patterns, each of which incorporate a number of progressions. The session evolves into a number of small-sided games which add transitional play and build on the passing patterns that Coach Yost covers earlier in the video. Finally, Yost finishes by working on creating finishing opportunities through ball movement and transition play.

Passing Patterns

Through a series of three passing patterns, you will see how to maximize ball movement within your midfield shape. Yost runs his team through different options within each pattern while emphasizing the key points of:

  • Effective ball movement with the proper touch and pace on the ball.
  • Game-like verbal and visual communication.
  • Disguising passes with exaggerated feints and "selling the dummy."

Small-Sided Games

Yost gives you three small-sided games which build on the passing patterns and incorporate transition. You'll see how the elements of the passing patterns can help your team find success under pressure, as well as how changing game parameters can highlight specific coaching points.


You'll see three finishing games which expand on the concepts taught within the passing patterns and small-sided games. Coach Yost emphasizes:

  • The creation of right and left options for the ball carrier.
  • Why attacking the defender's front foot will help athletes find success.
  • Being creative in the final third to create finishing opportunities.

This video presents ideas that can help you design a complete practice. Every small-sided game incorporates transition play and continual play while providing plenty of touches for all players. Additionally, Coach Yost demonstrates three finishing drills (with several variations) to end the training session with fun, high-energy activities. This is a must-buy for any coach whose team could improve their ball movement and finishing skills!

116 minutes. 2018.

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