Passing Fundamentals for Volleyball

Passing Fundamentals for Volleyball
Passing Fundamentals for Volleyball
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  • Train players to master one of the most important skills in volleyball - passing!
  • Teach players to accurately pass the ball to a specific target
  • Learn technical drills and competitive games that will add an element of fun to learning how to pass

with Anne Kordes,
former University of Louisville Head Coach; 2015 ACC Champions;
2015 ACC Coach of the Year - her third coach of the Year honor at Louisville, also earning the award as the Big East (2012) and American Athletic Conference (2013) Coach of the Year; 2010 and 2011 USA Select National Team Lead Coach; past President of the American Volleyball Coaches Association

Louisville Head Coach Anne Kordes teaches you how to train young volleyball players to master one of the most important skills in the sport - passing. No matter what position an athlete plays, sound passing is essential to the success of any team!

As she goes through each aspect of the skill, Coach Kordes explains how and why she teaches various techniques. Throughout the DVD, you'll learn how best to instruct young athletes through:

  • Ready position - This will enable players to get to the ball more quickly.
  • Platform - This will ensure clean, even contact and minimize errors.
  • Footwork - This keeps players in a better position to push the ball forward on the pass.

Add to your practice plans with technically focused drills such as: Toss Passing Progressions; Four Direction Passing Drill; Deep Toss Passing Handoff; and Deep Toss Angular Passing. Coach Kordes also demonstrates two competitive passing drills to make passing more fun and to take it to a more competitive level in your gym.

If you're coaching young or inexperienced athletes or if you simply value "back to basics" moments with advanced players, do not miss the opportunity to add this great title to your training library. Your team will learn how to control every serve they receive.

47 minutes. 2014.

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