Open Practice with Ricky Fried

Open Practice with Ricky Fried
Open Practice with Ricky Fried
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  • Learn how to make your opponent work hard to clear the ball
  • Teach players how to approach an oncoming attacker who has the ball
  • Learn the communication tools that will lead to a successful ride
with Ricky Fried, Georgetown University Head Women's Lacrosse Coach,
US Women's National Team Head Coach, 2010 Big East Coach of the Year; 6x Big East Champions; 2009 FIL World Cup Champions

with Lauren Moten, Georgetown University Assistant Coach

Using whiteboard instruction and live practice footage, Ricky Fried shares the philosophy behind his riding technique and drills for improving it. In addition to lacrosse fundamentals, Coach Fried demonstrates these competitive techniques:

  • passing and speed passing
  • attack and defense split
  • transitional passing
  • riding
  • full-field scrimmage

The DVD opens with Coach Fried's adjustments to 1-on-1 passing and speed passing techniques. Stick position, footwork and hand position are emphasized. Correct hand and stick position while passing is emphasized. These techniques are reinforced during the speed passing drills.

Attack players and defenders are broken into their respective groups. Coach Fried starts with the defensive players working on 1v1 fundamentals for footwork and body positioning. He emphasizes fundamentals specific to covering the ball carrier and controlling the attacker in order to dictate where the attacker can move.

The remainder of the DVD focuses on riding techniques. Coach Fried's philosophy is to make the other team members work as hard as possible to clear the ball; it's not necessarily about causing a turnover.

Coach Fried's techniques can be tweaked to your team's strengths and needs. There are several ways to maximize the pressure placed on the clearing team. With the drills presented here, you will learn how to set up your ride to force the other team to send the ball where you want it to be sent. You'll also learn how certain aspects of the riding technique can be used when players are working on clearing passes.

By applying the defensive techniques learned earlier and operating under this specific riding philosophy, your team will be able to better determine where your opponents can move the ball, thus diminishing fast breaks and disrupting offensive plays.

162 minutes (2 DVDs). 2014.

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