Open Practice: Skill Development and Practice Drills

Open Practice: Skill Development and Practice Drills
Open Practice: Skill Development and Practice Drills
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  • Discover 16 individual and team drills to improve fundamental skills
  • Learn how to train players to create space and always be "shot ready"
  • Get slow and fast tempo drills to prepare players for high energy practices
with Fred Hoiberg, University of Nebraska Head Men's Basketball Coach;
former Chicago Bulls (NBA) Head Coach;
former Iowa State University Head Coach; Back-to-Back Big 12 Tournament Champions (2014-15);
2012 Big 12 Co-Head Coach of the Year;
10-year NBA veteran and former executive with the Minnesota Timberwolves;
In 2012, Coach Hoiberg engineered the biggest turnaround in Big 12 history (23 wins, including an opening round win over the defending national champion in the 2012 NCAA Tournament); In 2013 Iowa State lead the nation in 3-Pointers Per Game

In a series of live practice sessions, Fred Hoiberg demonstrates 16 drills you can use to improve your team's fundamental skills. The practice footage includes:

  • team warm-up
  • five post breakdown drills
  • six guard breakdown drills
  • one rebounding drill
  • two shooting drills
  • one passing drill
  • one transition build-up drill

These are the drills Coach Hoiberg uses to build his players' offensive and defensive skills as well as their court awareness. Post player and guard break out sessions help players build their individual offensive moves. Coach Hoiberg takes his guards and posts through various shooting drills to get shots up within his offense. Spacing and court awareness are stressed in each offensive drill. Pick-and-roll defense and contesting shots and rebounding are emphasized in two-player drill situations.

Team drills include the Three Man Weave, Speed Shooting, 4:15 Shooting, 3-on-3 Rebounding vs Pads and a Transition Build-Up drill. Coach Hoiberg stresses spacing and being shot ready, which helped Iowa State become one of the nation's highest scoring and best three-point shooting teams.

Hoiberg's team warm-up is also included, giving a unique look at how players use various slow and fast tempo drills to get ready for high-energy practices.

This is a great video for any coach who wants to enhance individual and team skills.

62 minutes. 2014.

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