Open Practice: Situational Defense and Baserunning

Open Practice: Situational Defense and Baserunning
Open Practice: Situational Defense and Baserunning
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Product Description

  • Learn how to prepare your baserunners and defense for game day with live reads in practice
  • Learn how to train your team to communicate before, during and after every play
  • Get position-specific, weight-training workouts and exercises
with Craig Nicholson, former Arizona State University Head Coach;
former Ball State University Head Coach; 3x MAC Champions, 3x MAC Coach of the Year

Arizona State Head Softball Coach, Craig Nicholson, opens the door to two "live" practices, as his team prepares for the offensive and defensive situations softball teams face on game day. This video includes live situational hitting, team defense and baserunning as well as strength and conditioning training that will improve every player's ability to perform at a higher level.

Practice Overview
Coach Nicholson begins by discussing his philosophy on practice and how it changes throughout the season. He divides the year into pre-season, conference and post-season practices, highlighting goals and objectives for each segment. He also explains how he uses video to prepare his players for upcoming opponents and to analyze their own performances.

Practice 1: Weights
The Sun Devil practice opens with a look into the weight room. Weight room work will enhance two important softball skills — strength and agility — and it can help prevent injury. Coach Nicholson's team progresses through weightlifting stations, agility stations and sprinting stations. This segment offers 29 position-specific exercises!

Practice 1: Situational Play
Although batters are hitting live pitches during these situational practices, the focus is mainly on the defense and baserunners. The team practices four different situations. They make live reads and react accordingly. Wrapping up the practice, Coach Nicholson talks to the team about the importance of communication and when to communicate.

Practice 2: Weights
Since the team usually plays a midweek game, this workout is a lighter version of the previous one. The workout begins with an activation mobility circuit and continues with core work and plyometrics. Overall, more than 20 exercises designed to develop strength and agility are included.

Practice 2: Short Game and Situational Play
Coach Nicholson works on two alignments for defending against the short game, explaining the thought processes and strategies behind each one. The team then works on three defensive scenarios that were not covered in the first practice. Coach Nicholson explains when and why they make specific defensive plays and decisions. He also explains how players can run the bases to put maximum pressure on the opposing defense.

Take this unique opportunity to see how a Division I program uses strategy, communication, baserunning, and strength and agility training to improve their team and achieve success.

144 minutes. 2014.

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