Open Practice: Pressing to Win the Ball Back

Open Practice: Pressing to Win the Ball Back
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Press and win the ball aggressively to control the flow of the game!

  • Teach your players to defend as an individual, in small groups, and as a collective team
  • Learn how pressing can benefit your team in order to not only score more goals, but save energy too
  • Regain possession quickly to prevent your opponent from getting deep into your team's half of the field

Bobby Muuss,
Wake Forest University Head Men's Soccer Coach;
2016 NCAA College Cup Runner-up;
3 straight appearances in the quarterfinals (2015-2017);
Muuss' record in his first three years includes 55 wins - more than any other D I program in that same span.
3x ACC Coach of the Year;
former University of Denver Head Coach (2013 Summit League Coach of the Year);
former Assistant Coach at UConn (2000 NCAA Champions, 3x Big East Champions)

In this video, Bobby Muuss demonstrates how he teaches his players to press and the art of counter pressing the "Wake Forest Way." He provides in-depth illustrations both on a white board and on the field to show different key elements for your players.

You'll learn how to train your team to press and how to quickly counter press to win the ball back as fast as you can. Muuss explains the teaching points he emphasizes during the exercises:

  • Reactions needed to win the ball back.
  • How to play proactive defense.
  • The importance of staying connected as a team to properly defend.

Practice Segments

Coach Muuss begins this session by having his players go through a warm-up. Within this warm-up, he addresses numerous aspects which include dynamic stretching, speed/agility/quickness, injury prevention, first touch technical work, and the foundation of individual defense with the use of mannequins.

The second segment is "2v2v2+1." It's in this exercise that players must be aware of the defending team and how quick reactions are needed to make sure they're not on the wrong side of the ball when the game ends. This is where Muuss trains the habits needed to build his pressing game at Wake Forest. It also forces his players to play and make quick decisions in tight spaces.

In the third activity, Coach Muuss shows a "7v3 Pressing Game." As with most of his games, players indirectly train multiple aspects of the game. Possession and pressing are key aspects that are covered in this game. Players are rewarded by not only keeping the ball, but counter pressing in small groups of three.

The fourth game is a progression from the previous one, but Muuss adds additional numbers and larger goals to also work on finishing from close range. The teams are given specific roles to either keep possession or counter press and score within a given amount of time.

The fifth and final game is 7v7+1. Muuss uses this game to reinforce what was taught during the session, but gives the teams additional points by winning the ball in the attacking half of the field to reinforce pressing and defending on the front foot.

Coach Muuss shows you just how effective pressing can be and how Wake Forest has used it to their advantage, making them one of the best college teams in the nation.

78 minutes + 28 bonus minutes. 2018.

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