Open Practice: Pitching Drills & Arm Recovery Exercises

Open Practice: Pitching Drills & Arm Recovery Exercises
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Get drills and strategies for developing pitchers while maintaining their health throughout the season!

  • Discover three ways to develop pitching speed, accuracy, and consistency
  • Learn an efficient PFP series that will allow you to optimize the time spent on defensive aspects of pitching
  • Utilize four strategies for maximizing pitcher recovery and maintaining shoulder/arm health

with Patrick Hallmark,
University of Missouri Pitching Coach;
former Rice University Pitching Coach

Developing an elite baseball pitcher is about more than just pitching mechanics. The greats not only have the mechanics to be successful, but they understand how to use their pitches, can field their position, and take care of their arms so they stay healthy. Patrick Hallmark will show you how to develop pitchers who can do it all.

Take a look inside University of Missouri's baseball program and how they develop, maintain, and enhance their pitching staff. Using a series of drills, Coach Hallmark explains his pitching system compromised of concepts important for any baseball team.

Drills to Develop Pitching Mechanics

Learn how to safely improve velocity and strengthen the throwing arm. Coach Hallmark introduces three drills to help improve pitching mechanics, while training the body to throw harder. His throwing program focuses on long toss and throwing different pitches from 90 feet to increase arm strength, gain velocity and improve control of each pitch.

Pitcher's Fielding Practice

Batters are constantly trying to hit the ball up the middle to the biggest hole in the defense. Hallmark demonstrates a series of station drills where several groups can efficiently work on pitcher defense. Each station focuses on a different scenario crucial to any team defense. Players focus on defending bunts, come-backers, right-side hits, and double plays.

Develop a Purposeful Bullpen Session

Watch the master at work as Hallmark has his pitchers throw a bullpen session working on fastballs, breaking balls, and the change-up in different zones. Throughout the session, you're able to hear many of his coaching cues and instruction to his pitchers. Help teach your pitchers how to think on the mound as Hallmark chimes in with sage advice about how the pitchers can use their pitches to set up batters.

Arm Recovery Exercises

Pitching in baseball is a violent motion that is hard on the arm and shoulder joint, making arm care one of the most critical parts of pitching. Pitchers and pitching coaches alike are constantly trying to find new and better ways to keep the arm healthy. Coach Hallmark introduces you to five recovery exercises using mini-trampolines, weighted balls, surgical tubing, kettle bells, and a vibration bar that will help develop arm stability and endurance.

The training methods within this program will get your pitchers throwing harder with good mechanics, all while staying healthy.

65 minutes. 2017.

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