Open Practice: Peaking for State & Circuit Training

Open Practice: Peaking for State & Circuit Training
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Product Description

Learn a complete approach to wrestling practice planning and execution!

  • Discover a complete takedown system for high school wrestling
  • Learn several techniques to control your opponent and score from the top position
  • See a unique circuit approach to weight lifting that will build conditioning and explosiveness

with Herb Stinson,
former Aztec (NM) High School Head Coach;
member of the National High School Athletic Coaches Association (NHSACA) Hall of Fame (2016);
Wrestling USA Magazine National Coach of the Year (1991);
3x NWCA National High School Coach of the Year ('91, '95, '00);
12x NM High School State Champions, including 11 in a row (1990-2000);
6x New Mexico A/3A State Coach of the Year;
coach 65 individual State Champions and won 139 tournament championships; over 500 career wins

National Hall of Fame Coach Herb Stinson has produced 65 individual state champions and coached 12 state championship teams during his coaching career. One of the reasons he's had great success is his ability to build a program from the ground up. Stinson understands that in order to mold a successful program, you need to develop wrestlers at all levels.

Coach Stinson opens up his practice room and shows what his team works on to become a dominant wrestling program. He maximizes the amount of drilling covered in a practice by incorporating techniques into warm-ups. Coach Stinson has his wrestlers demonstrate the drills that have helped elevate Aztec High School wrestling, such as the takedown system and breakdown system.

Takedown System

Coach Stinson has his wrestlers demonstrates the basics of inside singles, outside singles, and Russians.

  • Inside Singles: Used to score when an opponent is stationary or backing up.
  • Outside Singles: A great way to score when an opponent pressures into you.
  • Russian to a Heel Pick: Catch an opponent's far ankle when they step their inside leg back.
  • Russian to Fireman's Carry: Used when an opponent has their weight on their heels.
  • Russian to a Stretch: A simple and effective takedown when an opponent is on their toes.
  • Coach Stinson also demonstrates several valuable drills that can increase a wrestler's takedown percentage, such as half body attacks, rope drills, and choreograph shots.

    Breakdown System

    Stopping your opponent's first move off the bottom and then learning to do a safe turn is important in building a program with young wrestlers. Stinson-coached teams are known for their tilts from top. This has led opponents to focus solely on keeping their wrist away while on bottom. Stinson has developed five key breakdowns to break any opponent flat and secure the wrist.

    • Pinch: A great first move to stop an opponent and trap their ankle.
    • Knee Swipe: Allows you to capture the far knee and put an opponent on their hip.
    • Arm Chop: Gives you the opportunity to trap the arm off the whistle and immediately go into a tilt.
    • Knee Jam: Allows for a wrestler to use their knee to drive an opponent flat.
    • Spiral: A great breakdown to put an opponent on their butt.

    Note: This section is a great complement to Coach Stinson's Tiger Tilt video (item#: WRD-05146).

    Practice Session

    See firsthand what an Aztec High School practice looks like, when Coach Stinson takes his team through a typical end-of-season practice from start to finish. You will have the opportunity to see the warm-up, live wrestling, and cool down.

    The warm-up is one of the most important aspects of the practice, because it's a time when the athletes will not only fine tune their technique, but also work on developing their strength, flexibility and overall conditioning. You'll understand the importance of drilling and how gaining more repetitions in all positions will allow for a wrestler to get better. A unique feature of Aztec practices is that a variety of conditioning drills are implemented during the practice session rather than after.

    The live wrestling consists of short situational scrambles with a

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