Open Practice: Offensive and Defensive Skill Development

Open Practice: Offensive and Defensive Skill Development
Open Practice: Offensive and Defensive Skill Development
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Get proven drills for developing valuable individual and team skills for offense and defense
  • Learn how to incorporate essential offensive concepts into daily skill work
  • Use "Explode" drills to develop superior footwork and agility for shooting and cutting
  • Learn how to use the Shell Drill to develop a strong team defense, improve trapping and get more steals

"This video proves why Larry Brown is a Hall of Fame Coach! He is so specific on everything he teaches from footwork to the reads on a play." - Customer review

with Larry Brown, former SMU Head Coach;
Distinguished member of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame (2002);
Only head coach to win both an NCAA Championship (1988 as Head Coach at Kansas) and an NBA Championship (2004 as Head Coach at Detroit)

Legendary Hall of Fame Coach Larry Brown has been one of the most successful coaches for the past 50 years. That success has been based on his ability to develop his players.

Take a court-side seat and learn from Coach Brown as he takes his SMU squad through three live summer practices. Brown uses three 40-minute "tutorial" sessions to improve fundamentals, develop skill and explosiveness, and build awareness and execution within the SMU offensive and defensive framework.

Skill Development Principles

Coach Brown (and staff) discuss the goal of summer activities, strength and conditioning and skill development guidelines as they pertain to off-season vs in-season workouts. You'll discover

  • the most important component of skill development
  • how to develop confidence in players
  • what to concentrate on in your workouts
  • what's most important for improving strength and conditioning

Practice 1: Offense Skill Work

Help your players develop the skill set required to be successful in your offense. Coach Brown's drills focus on footwork and shooting from close range out of different aspects of his offense. Players work on catch and rip, hard drives down the middle, baseline drives, drive and kicks, and floaters. Footwork is heavily stressed on every curl, fade, and zipper cut.

Various two-player drills are run off the pick and roll, pin down screens, and flare screens. The session then moves to three- and five-player drills.

Practice 2: Defense Skill Work

Develop shut-down habits on the defensive end using the shell drill, game situations, and 4-on-3 disadvantage drill. The shell drill prepares your team for the most common offensive actions to be used against it.

Players work on jumping to the ball, defending flare screens, and rotating out of a double team to force turnovers. The shell drill also allows the players on offense to learn the correct reads based upon what the defense gives them.

Practice 3: Breakdown Drills for Offense

Coach Brown reinforces actions developed throughout the first two practice sessions. You'll see breakdown drills for Horns actions with a double screen and reaction to penetration from the wing. New to the practice is the Thumbs Up Drill, a 2v0 dummy offensive breakdown drill that forces a post player into a play making position.

Regarded as one of the best talent-developers in the profession – and with an unparalleled amount of success rebuilding teams to championship levels at both the collegiate and NBA levels – Coach Brown delivers a great skill development video that not only provides valuable drills but gives you coaching insights, as well.

120 minutes. 2015.

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