Open Practice: Man-to-Man Defense Drills & Concepts

Open Practice: Man-to-Man Defense Drills & Concepts
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Learn the drills and techniques for building a top-tier man-to-man defense!

  • Create an intimidating on-ball presence to disrupt your opponent's offense
  • Actively help in the gaps to deter dribble penetration that can break down your defense
  • Switch actions that bring two players near the ball to neutralize pick & rolls and other common offensive tactics

with Dave Richman,
North Dakota State University Head Coach;
2015 Summit League Regular Season Champions;
2x Summit League Tournament champions ('15, '19);
2015 Summit League Coach of the Year

This inside look into a NDSU practice will reveal the foundation to coach Dave Richman's entire man-to-man defensive philosophy. You will get a chance to see over 13 defensive drills demonstrated, along with in-depth explanation on the drills and applicable defensive skills from Coach Richman. A range of topics are shared including on-ball defense, closeouts, help defense, switching, transition defense, and ball screen coverage.

Essential Drills & Skills

Defending the ball is the most important aspect to a successful team defense, but is also the most difficult skill to master. NDSU places a constant emphasis on challenging the ball handler with a strong presence through daily practice drills.

You will learn how to reinforce the proper technique for closeouts through two drills. Coach Richman also explains how you can use the scouting report of your next opponent to adjust your closeout technique. Two different 1-on-1 drills will give your player a chance to refine their on-ball defense. You will learn how to force drives away from the rim while staying in front of the ball handler through the first two defensive slides.

The "Three Hoop Campaign" is an incredible drill to develop competition amongst your players for playing tough on-ball defense. Through 2-on-2 and 3-on-3 drills, Richman incorporates other aspects to defending the ball such as help defense and rebounding. You will learn how your players can support the on-ball defender with gap positioning and stunts. Richman also shares his "Hit, Pinch, Chase" concept that will help all five of your defenders understand how to maximize their chances of the team securing the rebound.

Transition & Switching

If you want your team defense to operate a full strength, then converting from offense to defense is critical. See how North Dakota State prioritizes getting back in transition to build their team defense by dropping three players back. The "Scramble Conversion" drill is a must-have addition to your practices. This will challenge your players to rotate through disadvantage situations in transition defense while also pushing the offense to score quickly with a reduced shot clock.

4-on-4 drills are also demonstrated to show you North Dakota's defensive concepts for handling screens. You will learn how to switch any offensive action that brings two players near the ball. You will also see how to employ a drop coverage for ball screens that involve one of your larger defenders that need to stay with their match-up. Coach Richman explains how pick & rolls are defended with all five players on the floor through a detailed breakdown of individual technique and responsibilities. Not all ball screens are the same - you will learn how to defend four different scenarios that create unique challenges for the defense.

Learn how a Division 1 basketball program teaches the foundation of their man-to-man defense with this look inside a Dave Richman-coached NDSU basketball practice!

190 minutes. 2020.

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