Open Practice: Drills to Build a Competitive Defense

Open Practice: Drills to Build a Competitive Defense
Open Practice: Drills to Build a Competitive Defense
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Create team-oriented drills and station rotations to challenge your players!

  • Teach your players the fundamentals of good defensive posture and how to approach and breakdown before making first contact
  • Develop defensive holds against both right- and left-handed players
  • Learn transition-oriented drills that put players under pressure as they catch and move the ball up field on the attack
with Lars Tiffany,
University of Virginia Head Coach;
2019 NCAA Champions;
former Brown University Head Men's Lacrosse Coach; 2016 NCAA DI Final Four;
3x Ivy League Champions; 2015 Ivy League Coach of the Year;
Iroquois Nationals Assistant Coach; 2018 Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) Men's World Championship (Bronze medal)

Lars Tiffany provides multiple drills and stations to prepare your team to play fast, throw hard and play with confidence. His consistent schedule and format helps any coach build a practice routine that creates enthusiasm, variety and challenge for players utilizing drills and stations each day.

In this video, Coach Tiffany shows you six warm-up stickwork drills to get the players' hearts beating and bodies sweating before stretching. Tiffany then provides five station drills to be used by the team using a rotation format. Drills include: 6v5 Keep Away, 3 By, Full-Field Pressure Passing and 54 Chaser Drill to get players game ready.

As he demonstrates the drills, Coach Tiffany provides the coaching points of emphasis for each drill. His thoughtful tips help any coach or player watching know the keys to success of each drill. Drills shown have variations to continue to develop the players and create continued interest in the player's development.

Full-Field Pressure Passing

Help your team be more proficient at fast-paced clearing. Coach Tiffany provides a full field drill to work both sides of the field simultaneously, starting from a goalie outlet pass.

  • Off the outlet pass from the goalies a fast-paced clear begins.
  • Both sides of the field are utilized to create clears in both directions of the field fast-paced breaks.
  • With a quick reset and exchange of players, the drill begins again, creating tempo and conditioning.

Practice Stations

Coach Tiffany's progression mixes passing and feeding drills with quick shooting drills while integrating game-like dodging throughout for the offensive players. At the same time, his defensive skills and drills techniques provide opportunities to practice against picks, field ground balls, practice approach and get on the offensive players' hands. Drills for defensive players playing on and off ball, how to rotate and recover are offered for the defensive players. Setting picks and freeing hands are provided for offensive players.

Tiffany has set up his practice stations so all players on the team rotate through all drills, including playing offense and defense. Stations last between 3 and 4 minutes and provide high energy and conditioning.

Throughout all the drills, Coach Tiffany provides field level coaching points, key areas of focus and tips and techniques to maximize the drills. Utilize the drills shown at your own practices and you'll be leading your team to a championship season!

62 minutes. 2017.

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