Open Practice: Blueprint for Up-Tempo Team Practices

Open Practice: Blueprint for Up-Tempo Team Practices
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Product Description

Get a proven practice blueprint in which no time is wasted that will help your team work together efficiently!

  • Learn how to execute a full pre-game defense warm-up in five minutes or less
  • See a three-group batting practice rotation to help your team practice hitting, fielding, and base running
  • Hear specific coaching points, in a real practice setting, that are emphasized to improve the trajectory of player development

with Megan Smith,
Marshall University Head Softball Coach;
former University of Kansas Head Coach;
six straight seasons of 30+ wins (2011-16);
Back-to-back NCAA tournament appearances ('14, '15);
broke the Big 12 record for batting average (.345) & was the highest in the NCAA in 2013;
Over 350 wins all time;
former LSU Assistant Coach

Running an effective team practice with a large roster can be complicated. It is often difficult to find engaging and efficient team drills that will challenge each player.

In this practice, you will witness exactly how Megan Smith works her team through various situations and gets all players prepared for upcoming games. Instead of players standing around and getting little out of the time, Smith does a terrific job of keeping things fast-paced and up-tempo.

On display are eight full team drills and a batting practice rotation that will help make your practices more engaging and efficient.

Team Defense

Get your whole team involved with full field long toss. Practice important throwing and receiving skills with your full team in a fast-paced, challenging environment. The expectation of proper technique for throwing, catching and making tags is on full display and is crisply executed.

Smith shares a pregame defensive sequence where you can get your outfielders and infielders several reps in only five minutes, which is ideal for pregame, where you are often limited on time. You will see the fundamentals that all coaches emphasize and hear the specific coaching points that Smith shares to make all players perform at their best.

Coach Smith also introduces communication drills that will help assure that no fly ball goes uncaught because of poor communication.

Defending the Running Game

Shutting down an opponent's running game can be a critical component of team success. Make sure your catchers and infielders get practice reps working on pick-off plays and steals to ensure a well-rounded defensive practice. Smith will also help you simplify first and third defensive plays, which are commonly chaotic situations that cause the team on defense to make mistakes.

Batting Practice

Smith shows you how to run an efficient batting practice where all players are involved and productive. Her three-group batting practice rotation allows your hitters to get live reps off a pitcher, your base runners to get live reads off of batted balls, and your defense to get game-like reps. Get more accomplished in less time!

Coach Smith shows you how to get more out of your players by getting more out of practice in this fantastic video!

58 minutes. 2018.

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