One Step Ahead: Bottom Position Technique and Attacks

One Step Ahead: Bottom Position Technique and Attacks
One Step Ahead: Bottom Position Technique and Attacks
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Product Description

  • Learn how to prevent opponents from attacking your wrists
  • Get a better alternative to the traditional inside leg standup
  • Learn six effective counter attacks for leg riders
  • Learn how to utilize a high bridge defense against leg rides and crab rides
with Joe LeBlanc,
University of Northern Colorado Assistant Coach;
4x All-American at the University of Wyoming; three-time NWCA Academic All-American; most wins (147) in University of Wyoming wrestling

Joe LeBlanc's philosophy is to stay "one step ahead of your opponent." In this presentation, he teaches you how to do that with techniques to get out from the bottom position. He also discusses the mindset needed to confidently attack and score from the bottom position.

In this video, you will learn a basic stand-up, how to defend against tough leg riders and discover several options for properly clearing the hands so you won't get stopped and end up on your belly.

Start Position
Coach LeBlanc begins by covering the bottom start position and how wrestlers can keep their weight back, hands light and prevent opponents from getting to their ankles. He shows how to keep an opponent from attacking the wrists and also includes a drill to reinforce the technique in several positions.

Stand-up Escape
All wrestlers must know how to perform a stand-up escape. Coach LeBlanc shares his version of an outside leg stand-up that enables the bottom wrestler to get his head and chest up without exploding up. It also leads into the changeover technique.

You'll see two common problems that wrestlers encounter with the stand-up and how to rectify them. Coach LeBlanc shows how knee slides from a safe referee's position allow wrestlers to pressure back into the opponent to get away. Once you get to your feet, Coach LeBlanc focuses on hand fighting and hip separation to be in the proper position and avoid being returned to the mat.

Leg Riding
Leg riding is becoming more popular and every wrestler who wants to be a champion must know how to defend against it. Coach LeBlanc covers six techniques to use when defending against leg riders and common mistakes to avoid in implementing them.

Many of his techniques attack the leg and, if wrestlers don't fight the pressure, they can lead to a reversal and even a pin. You will see what to do when a leg rider seat belts a leg, a short sit series, a high bridge, a Peterson and a shin shuck-an explosive movement with a full hip heist. He also shows how to hit the shin shuck with a half-hip heist that leads into a Peterson.

Granby Roll
Learn the key techniques to making the Granby roll work for an escape or a reversal. LeBlanc breaks it down into simple positions that are easy for athletes to execute and easy for coaches to break down in the training room. You'll see several different ways to perform the Granby, as well as how to avoid the common mistakes to hitting the move.

Chain Wrestle
You'll also get a number of drills to help athletes become chain wrestlers from the bottom. Coach LeBlanc starts with simple stand-up drills and moves to a chain wrestling drill that works on putting different bottom techniques together to reinforce proper positioning from the bottom and develop muscle memory. Coach LeBlanc show a fantastic way of shadow wrestling the bottom position so that your athletes can get in extra mat time.

Develop the skills needed to create confident, dominant wrestlers that score from the bottom position regardless of the opponent's skill level. Don't be satisfied with a one-point escape-go for a five-point move or a pin!

39 minutes. 2014.

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