Offensive Team Drills for 12U and 14U

Offensive Team Drills for 12U and 14U
Offensive Team Drills for 12U and 14U
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  • Learn how to be aggressive with your leads and aggressive on the base paths
  • Discover drills that work on everything from base running techniques to live runners and situations
  • Maximize your leads at every base
with Mike Stith,
founder of Team Mizuno and is the organization's Director of Player Development and College Recruitment; Head Coach for Team Mizuno's 16U Travel Team; 3x ASA National Championship Coach

Getting one step closer to scoring is an edge any offense would be happy to gain.

Mike Stith has created a step-by-step plan to teach your players how to run the bases efficiently and aggressively. Coach Stith goes in depth about his offensive philosophies on base running, explaining how to approach the base, take proper lead offs, and read the defensive alignment. He explains each drill and shows how to set it up and then progress it. He narrates what to look for and corrects the players as you watch them go through each drill.

Base Running Basics
Coach Stith explains proper body position and foot position for any player who is on a base, and then teaches them to start their lead off when the pitcher's back heel comes up off the ground. He teaches his players to be very aggressive, thinking two bases out of the batter's box every time. He explains the most efficient way to round a base and how to lead off of first, second and third base. He shows how to train your players to rotate your body to the ball when a ball is hit to the outfield on a fly and how to dive back to a base with the inside hand touching the outside of the bag.

Base Running Drills
Coach Stith teaches you several drills he uses for base running, most of which involve reading the ball off the bat and anticipating the defense. The runners will practice at each base, working on their lead off and reacting appropriately to any type of batted ball. The runners will begin with only outfielders in place for the defense, and they will recognize and react appropriately to balls hit to the outfield. Then, a full defense will take the field, making the situations and decision making very game-like for the base runners. Stith indicates that it is very important to perform drills with live defenses and batted balls, as this is the only chance a runner will get to practice their reactions and decision making.

Plays at the Plate
Once the players practice at each individual base, Coach Stith puts in a game-like drill to simulate real play and let the girls react to different scenarios. This progression instills the proper decision making in the players to make them more confident in their leading and base running in a real game. The runners will act as if it is a normal game situation, taking a lead off the pitched ball, and reacting to the batted ball. Stith finishes by moving the runners to second base, encouraging them to read the ball off the bat and score on a hit. It is very important to make good reads at second base, also known as scoring position, because reacting correctly will often result in a run for the offense.

At the heart of the game of softball is a fundamental strategy: to win, the offense must score more runs than the other team. Simply put, if you can't score runs, you can't win. Learn Mike Stith's aggressive base running strategies and drills which will help any young team put more runs on the scoreboard.

106 minutes. 2013.

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