Offensive Strategies for Sand Volleyball

Offensive Strategies for Sand Volleyball
Offensive Strategies for Sand Volleyball
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  • Teach players to attack in a variety of different ways
  • Give your attackers an idea of where the set is going before it is set, allowing for a more powerful approach
  • Design drills that will help you score on the beach
with Jeff Alzina, California State University Olympic Beach Coach;
2004 US Men's Olympic Volleyball Coach (fifth place). Alzina has coached more than 30 Olympians and 30 NCAA All-Americans and has been hired as the National Team coach for eight different countries.

Offense takes a whole new meaning on the sand. With only two athletes, offensive strategy is seen from an entirely new perspective.

Jeff Alzina will explain the various offensive systems in the sand and how to select the one that is best for each of your sand teams. From attacking to setting to passing, Coach Alzina covers the offensive game from the net backwards and explains important key principles that have helped him be one of the most successful beach coaches.

Sound beach volleyball principles are taught throughout the video. From helping your attackers understand the importance of swinging to score a point to teaching the basic swing that will be most successful when mastered. Setting players are taught the proper direction to face as well as two very important keys that will mean the difference between scoring points and simply keeping the ball in play. Finally passing principles are taught so specifically that you will know the difference between where a right side should pass the ball in relation to where a left side should pass the ball, but most importantly, you'll understand why there is a difference.

Coach Alzina give you the best drills and techniques to train each of these offensive systems. Specific goals are definied for every aspect of offense and all aspects of the offensive game are taught from a perspective of "how often will I use this in a game," so no time is wasted on drills that will not produce the best offensive results in a limited amount of practice time.

Everyone interested in being a better sand volleyball coach will be able to take multiple ideas from this video and improve your team's offensive strategies immediately.

Produced at the 2012 AVCA National Convention in Louisville (KY).

60 minutes. 2013.

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