Offensive Line: Zone & Gap Schemes with Adjustments

Offensive Line: Zone & Gap Schemes with Adjustments
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Product Description

Discover proven zone and gap blocking schemes to run on your offensive line!

  • Learn inside and outside zone plays against pressure looks to better deal with blitzes
  • Get basic RPOs to counter pressures or a loaded box so your offense has some breathing room
  • See how Coach Warinner hands out grades to his offensive linemen during practices and games

with Ed Warinner,
University of Michigan Offensive Line Coach;
former Ohio State University Offensive Coordinator and part of the Buckeyes' 2014 National Championship staff;
former University of Notre Dame Offensive Line Coach;
2x Footballscoop Offensive Line Coach of the Year;
With 25+ years of coaching experience, Warinner has also led successful offensive line units at Army, Air Force (led the nation in rushing), Kansas (second in the nation in scoring), and Illinois (led the Big Ten in rushing)

This video clocks in at over two hours of instruction from one of the best football minds the Big Ten Conference has to offer! Ed Warinner, a National Championship-winning OL coach, gives you valuable information on modern zone blocking and gap blocking schemes.

Answering the Essential Questions

This video is like going to offense graduate school. The "chalk talk" is amazing because of how thorough Warinner is in describing what many fans would recognize as the most productive plays seen on TV most Saturdays. From this video, you'll get detailed instruction on the concepts and philosophies of:

  • Inside Zone
  • Outside Zone
  • Run-Pass Options
  • Counter-Gap Scheme
  • Power-Gap Scheme
  • And more!

Blocking Schemes

You will view a valuable seminar on the top blocking schemes used by the elite teams in college football. Coach Warinner spends time explaining the key game adjustments needed to keep the ball moving and outlines how to protect against:

  • Internal pressure (inside blitzes)
  • Front side and back side pressure
  • Seventh defender pressure
  • Force defenders in the secondary
  • Additionally, you'll get Warinner's keys and tips on evaluating linemen, including how to find your best center and how to coach up your pullers. He also covers his method for grading players in preseason scrimmages and on game day.

    Simply put, this is an invaluable video for any offensive coordinator or offensive line coach looking to become an expert in their field!

    "We don't specifically run a college-based offense at our high school, but this video has given me a ton of ideas of how we can adjust our own schemes and block the many defenses we see in a season. I really appreciate how thorough Coach Warinner explains these concepts and recommend it to any offensive or defensive coordinator coaching today. It would take hours of clinic talks to equal the information detailed in this video." - Customer Review

    127 minutes. 2018.

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