Offensive Line: Power Play Run Game Strategies

Offensive Line: Power Play Run Game Strategies
Offensive Line: Power Play Run Game Strategies
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  • Improve your run blocking with these fundamental blocking rules
  • Gain a better understanding of how to teach and install the power and weak zone run plays
  • Learn landmarks, footwork and hand placement that will help your run game succeed
  • Give offensive linemen at any level the advantage of using a gap scheme
with Bob Bostad, Northern Illinois Assistant Coach;
former Tennessee Titans (NFL) Assistant Coach/Offensive Line;
former University of Wisconsin Run Game Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach;
Wisconsin had the #5 scoring offense in the country in 2010

Get detailed diagramming, film study, essential techniques and assignments for one of Wisconsin's top run plays and it's compliment. Using these run plays, the Badgers led the Big 10 in rushing in 2009, averaging over 203 yards a game.

Bob Bostad provides a detailed breakdown of the Power Play (a strong side run) and its compliment the weak side lead, a zone run. These two plays are staples in the Wisconsin offense and will work in all areas of the field - red zone, backed up, midfield, short yards, etc.

Coach Bostad diagrams the assignments for each member of the offense, including the base blocking rules and footwork for the line and reads and footwork for the tailback. Also featured are the rules that apply to all fronts and movement and the key technique for making the runs work - the down block.

Bostad guides you through end zone video, showing the plays versus various formations and movements. He highlights the key coaching points for each play, making it easier for you to incorporate these run plays into your offense and teach them to your players.

Get the schemes, rules and techniques you need to effectively run the football this season. .

60 minutes. 2010.

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