Offensive Line Fundamentals for the Read Option

Offensive Line Fundamentals for the Read Option
Offensive Line Fundamentals for the Read Option
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Coach offensive line blocking fundamentals to improve your running and passing game!

  • Learn the basic techniques for zone read blocking
  • Train your lineman to execute a proper combo block and move to the second level effectively
  • Get a simple pass blocking scheme that is easy to understand and install

with Dan Scanlon,
St. Edward (OH) High School Offensive Line Coach;
2015 Ohio Division 1 Champions

The biggest determining factor for a successful offense is its offensive line. The "no glory positions" may be the most important when it comes to putting points on the board. Coach Scanlon discusses the basic fundamentals for run and pass blocking. He also covers the zone blocking system he uses to gain rushing yards.

Scanlon uses charts and diagrams to explain the rules and techniques for his offensive lineman. His system is designed so that all players know who they need to block and how to reach the block. In this video, you will learn:

  • The difference between right side and left side stance
  • Different alignments in pass protection and run game
  • Aiming points for offensive linemen versus a head-up or shaded defender
  • Play-side and back-side blocking rules in the zone read option
  • How to handle blitzes and stunts

Blocking for the Zone Read Run Game

One of the hardest running systems for defenses to prepare for is the zone read running game. When an offensive lineman gets fit and drive, multiple running lanes open up. Using practice and game footage, Scanlon lays out the general rules for zone blocking schemes and breaks down what each lineman should do.

Additionally, you'll learn how to mix pulling linemen in the power and trap game, and how to combo block with illustrations and film footage.

Pass Blocking

Once a defense starts cramming the box with extra defenders, the passing game is ready to explode. Scanlon covers the fundamentals he teaches his lineman, such as the kick step without giving up too much ground. He also covers simple pass sets that can be used in every game

This video is filled with a wealth of knowledge on how to make your offensive line a cohesive, dominating unit.

91 minutes. 2017.

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