Offensive Blue Line Attack Options

Offensive Blue Line Attack Options
Offensive Blue Line Attack Options
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  • Score more off of the offensive rush
  • Optimize your individual player strategies for scoring opportunities
  • View Pooley's five keys to scoring goals
with Paul Pooley,
University of Notre Dame Associate Head Coach; 2018 NCAA Frozen Four National Championship Runners-up
former Providence College Head Coach

In this 3-part video, Coach Paul Pooley shares the concepts and principles of creating scoring opportunities off of an offensive rush. In Part 1, Pooley breaks down the essentials of individual player development as they relate to quality scoring opportunities. Included are tips for surveying a situation, discussing under-handling of the puck vs. over-handling, and strategies for facing tight gap and loose gap defensive situations. Each of the seven situations (5 tight gap and 2 loose gap) is explained and diagramed in detail followed by on-ice demonstration. Part 2 begins by sharing five Keys to Scoring Goals along with three Principles for Team Support: puck Support, Mid-lane support, and triangulation. Pooley proceeds with 10 team tactic situation/options (5 tight gap and 5 loose gap) with both marker board explanation and on-ice demonstration. In Part 3, Pooley shares five drills he uses as training essentials for attack options designed to simulate high tempo, game-like situations.

47 minutes. 2005.

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