Offensive and Defensive Strategies for the Pick & Roll

Offensive and Defensive Strategies for the Pick & Roll
Offensive and Defensive Strategies for the Pick & Roll
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  • Discover how the pick and roll can get the ball into the paint on a consistent basis
  • Find ways to allow your shooters more time to shoot the ball
  • Force two players to guard one on dribble penetration
  • Stop dribble penetration and contest all shots from the pick & roll
with Mike Procopio,
Attack Athletics Player Development Trainer;
Instructor Michael Jordan Flight School and Nike Skill Academies;
Has worked with over 100 NBA players including Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, Paul Pierce, Kevin Durant, and others

The pick and roll is a potent offensive weapon utilized by teams ranging from middle school to the "pros." In this DVD, Mike Procopio builds the pick and roll offense from the ground up and then demonstrates how to defend it.

Pick & Roll Offense
Learn techniques and strategies that make pick & rolls successful!

Procopio demonstrates the pick & roll versus the defensive "hedge" and switching defenses. He progresses from 3-on-0 to 3-on-3 as he demonstrates the weak side duck-in and the duck-in high/low option. These drills will help players improve their ability to dribble penetrate, thus requiring two defenders to guard the ball handler.

Next, Procopio takes the pick & roll and uses it to build team offense using his 5-on-0 pick & roll "transition drill." He emphasizes sprinting to the screen and post men rolling hard and demonstrates the various pick & roll options as players transition into full-court offense.

Pick & Roll Defense
Procopio's pick and roll defense attempts to stop and contain the drive and to always be in position to challenge shots. Procopio introduces "stunting" using a 3-on-3 drill that emphasizes on-ball pressure and defending the pass and cut.

Learn the most effective methods for defending the pick and roll such as hedging, which is great for stopping dribble penetration. The Ice Method helps protect your bigs from getting fouls away from the basket. Learn to defense the high pick and roll using the Bump & Switch and the Late Switch.

This DVD is a must for any coach wanting to add the pick and roll to their offensive arsenal or simply wanting to better defend it.

105 minutes. 2011.

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