Off-Season Training Drills & Workouts for Offensive Linemen

Off-Season Training Drills & Workouts for Offensive Linemen
Off-Season Training Drills & Workouts for Offensive Linemen
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Product Description

  • Learn over 70 challenging, yet fun exercises and variations for your linemen
  • Reinforce technique, improve strength and reduce injury
  • Includes a complete workout program that utilizes these exercises
with James Burk,
Plano John Paul II (TX) High School Strength and Conditioning Coordinator,
Offensive Coordinator and Offensive Line Coach,
2006 Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Year (American Football Monthly)

Keep your off-season workouts engaging with over 70 challenging, yet fun exercises and variations for offensive linemen. Burk describes each drill on the field while high school football players execute the drills.

These drills fall into 12 areas:

  • Hip Flexibility Movements - Four warm-up drills that will help your linemen better prepare for their workout. By developing more hip flexibility, your linemen will be able to stay in their stance longer that will lead to stronger leverage and allow them to handle second-level defenders better.
  • Sled Movements - Combine feet and hand movements with 18 drills to train your athletes to stay low to develop better leverage.
  • Bear Crawls - Four exercises that are great training drills for shoulder stability, as well as upper body endurance and strength.
  • Ladder Movements - Six exercises that focus on hand movements to reinforce hand replacement skills and develop quick hands along with strengthening shoulders.
  • Medicine Ball Exercises - Five exercises to develop explosiveness and a powerful punch. Variations of the exercises include ground level to backward and side-to-side movements.
  • Band Exercises - Four exercises to improve punch power and timing.
  • Bodyweight / Push-up Progressions - Nine exercises to develop power in the upper body to better absorb forces when pass and run blocking.
  • Upper Body Dot Drill - Three advanced plyometric type exercises for the upper body that works on core strength as well.
  • Grip Work - Three exercises to help stay on blocks longer.
  • Core Exercises - Nine exercises that work on transfering power from the lower to upper body - from the ground, through the legs up to the butt of the lineman's hands on the punch. If the core is weak, the power will be lost in the midsection and the punch will not be effective. Also works on building outside and inside leverage.
  • Mental Toughness Drills - Four movements to get the competitive spirit going, while building strength and conditioning.
  • Weight Movements - Three movements that bring all the techniques together to develop speed in the blocking punch and balance.

These drills will help your lineman become more competitive, more explosive, mentally tough, improve reaction time, improve conditioning, and decrease risk of injury. These movements have been used to develop lineman that have gone on to play at the collegiate and professional level.

This disc also includes three comprehensive "Dominate the Line of Scrimmage" workout programs;

  • Summer Master Workout (Includes four days worth of workouts.)
  • Pass Pro Punch Workout
  • Pass Pro Feet Workout
  • James Burk has been coaching offensive lineman and strength & conditioning for 13 years. During this time he was named 2006 Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year by American Football Monthly and won the 2007 SPC Division II Championship.

    Burk takes the guess work out of your summer workouts! You get the drills and the plans to strengthen your offensive line. Don't let your skill players have all the fun, create engaging off season workouts for your linemen using Burk's extensive menu of drills and workouts.

    56 minutes. 2010.

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