No Huddle Pistol Offense: Zone Run Game

No Huddle Pistol Offense: Zone Run Game
No Huddle Pistol Offense: Zone Run Game
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Attack opponents with a downhill run game that has a vertical mindset and eliminates negative yard runs.
  • Learn how to make the "ID" for zone blocking to help communicate and simplify assignments for the offensive line
  • Run five variations of the inside zone read play to exploit the weak areas of the defense based on personnel groupings and field position
  • Learn how to use the run pass option with your inside zone package to apply pressure to any defensive scheme
with Brian Frana,
Southwest Minnesota State University Run Game Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach

In his first season at Southwest Minnesota State, Coach Frana helped build an offense (using five new starters on the offensive line) that averaged 400 yards and 27 points per game. He joined SMSU after spending five seasons as offensive coordinator at Upper Iowa University, where his squad set 26 offensive records during his tenure. In his last two years at Upper Iowa, his offense averaged more than 460 yards per game.

Brian Frana uses a PowerPoint and game footage to break down the inside zone run play for the no huddle pistol spread offense. One key to the development of the inside zone run play is to understand all of the aiming points and blocking schemes for the offensive linemen. Coach Frana breaks down the inside zone essentials and shows how various formations and positions on the field can dictate different angles for your lineman.

Zone Run Basics

The number one rule is no two gap movement, meaning Coach Frana teaches vertical zone blocking up front. This concept establishes a downhill demeanor with the offensive line, and the running back is instructed to "push the point" before they can cut. The offensive line zone blocks off of the declaration of the center's "ID" of the Mike linebacker.

Inside Zone Scheme

Coach Frana covers multiple ways to move the ball versus any defensive scheme. The Straight Zone play is shown first, and game video is used to point out the details of the play. You'll see Coach Frana discuss the following variations:

  • The Straight Zone Seal - A compliment play that seals the backside "C" gap with either a wide receiver or wing player.
  • Read Zone with a run pass option - This play is the same up front for the offensive line, but gives the offense an opportunity to read the defense for a run or pass.
  • Read Zone Seal - A counter play that is a direct hand-off with no QB read.
  • Read Zone Slip - Creates a QB wrap play on any pull read.

Coach Rana's instruction will help you fine-tune and adjust your inside zone scheme to create play action and vertical pass play conversions. Perfect for coaches of the pistol offense at any level!

72 minutes. 2016.

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