No Huddle Pistol Offense: Offensive Line Fundamentals

No Huddle Pistol Offense: Offensive Line Fundamentals
No Huddle Pistol Offense: Offensive Line Fundamentals
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Create a dominant run game with an offensive line that generates movement at the line of scrimmage.
  • Discover an effective teaching progression for offensive linemen, specifically for the no huddle pistol offense
  • Develop a quick first step and essential footwork for creating running lanes
  • Shore up your pass protection with drills for developing quick hands and footwork
with Brian Frana,
Southwest Minnesota State University Run Game Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach

In his first season at Southwest Minnesota State, Coach Frana helped build an offense (using five new starters on the offensive line) that averaged 400 yards and 27 points per game. He joined SMSU after spending five seasons as offensive coordinator at Upper Iowa University, where his squad set 26 offensive records during his tenure. In his last two years at Upper Iowa, his offense averaged more than 460 yards per game.

Developing a solid offensive line starts with a daily teaching progression that emphasizes strong fundamentals. Using several different drills, Brian Frana shows you how to create a powerful run game in the pistol offense. Being able to run the ball will open up the passing game, and Coach Frana also illustrates pass blocking drills and how to incorporate them into your practices.

Basic Progression

Coach Frana discusses his goals and expectations for his offensive lineman. Working from the ground up, he teaches "positive steps" on the inside zone, which creates movement on the defensive line. He explains that a good offensive lineman starts at the bottom and develops upward.

Coach Frana also believes that a good stance begins with foot placement and ends with the face leading the way to the fit point. By using Coach Frana's technique, your offensive lineman will be in proper position and have less head injuries using his heads-up style.

Run Game Drills

Linemen need to use proper aiming points and angles in order to create a strong push off the line for running lanes. Coach Frana discusses six drills he uses every day to improve his players' footwork and hands:

  • Footwork on Air
  • 6 Point Explosion and Lift
  • 1 Step Strike
  • 2 Step Strike
  • Lead/Zone Drive and Lift
  • Strain

Practice footage is reviewed to illustrate proper ways to do each drill. You'll learn why footwork is so important, proven by Coach Frana starting every practice with footwork on air. An emphasis is put on the "angle of departure" in all footwork drills that cover the Lead, Zone, Drop, Skip and a Flat Pull. In these drills, offensive lineman learn how far and where to step with each foot for different types of blocks.

Pass Game Drills

The passing game is becoming more prevalent in football, which is why it is important to have offensive lineman that can protect the quarterback. Coach Frana demonstrates four drills that he uses in every practice to improve the footwork of his players. Using bags, sleds and partners, Coach Frana establishes how to help players get in proper position with their hands and feet. Quick hands are essential for linemen, and you'll learn the quick hands drill with a bag to help improve your offensive lineman's hands.

This video will help you create an aggressive offensive line that takes control against opposing defenses. The drills taught by Coach Frana will help develop any offensive lineman into the best player they can be.

53 minutes. 2016.

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