No Huddle Pistol Offense: Installation

No Huddle Pistol Offense: Installation
No Huddle Pistol Offense: Installation
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Use the no huddle pistol offense to keep your opponents off balance, create mismatches and move the football.
  • Learn a simple method for packaging plays and changing tempo that takes advantage of what the defense gives you
  • Discover a simple system for quickly signaling formations and play calls that keeps the defense guessing
  • Get instruction on multiple tempos, the ability to tag formations and game film of the offense in action
with Brian Frana,
Southwest Minnesota State University Run Game Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach

In his first season at Southwest Minnesota State, Coach Frana helped build an offense (using five new starters on the offensive line) that averaged 400 yards and 27 points per game. He joined SMSU after spending five seasons as offensive coordinator at Upper Iowa University, where his squad set 26 offensive records during his tenure. In his last two years at Upper Iowa, his offense averaged more than 460 yards per game.

Brian Frana breaks down the installation and development of a no huddle pistol spread offense. He focuses on developing quick and effective signals for communication between coaches and players, while providing multiple tempos to keep opposing defenses on their toes. Coach Frana also talks through game film to help illustrate the points he makes in the video.

Formations and Terminology

One key to the development of a no huddle system is the use of signals and terminology to streamline your play selections. Coach Frana discusses the formations and terminology required to get your playmakers in the right position to create mismatches against opposing defenses. You'll learn how hand signals designate the offensive formations.

Coach Frana shows you how easily you can get your players into a variety of looks while keeping it simple. He details the tags that will allow you to move one player within each look, which causes more stress on the defense. Four types of motions are signaled as well; across, in, orbit and return - all of which allow you to move any receiver to a location you desire.

Geography is the theme for calling the offense as Coach Frana shows you how simple the system can be for your players. Colors designate the direction and the pass protection for the offensive line.

Offensive Tempo Packages

Changing the tempo at the line of scrimmage is a huge part of today's game. Coach Frana breaks down how to identify various fronts to make quick adjustments while in the no huddle. He shows you his Fire, Stir and Look tempos to attack the defense in a variety of ways. The tempos allow you to run a play as quickly as the referee can spot the ball, or allow you to slow down the game and milk the clock.

Coaches who want to learn the no huddle pistol offense will love this video. In it, you'll get a simple call system, learn to speed up your offense and understand how to beat any defense.

54 minutes. 2016.

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