Next Level Training: Speed, Strength, Agility & Conditioning for Football

Next Level Training: Speed, Strength, Agility & Conditioning for Football
Next Level Training: Speed, Strength, Agility & Conditioning for Football
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  • Go into next season with a comprehensive plan on how to improve your overall team speed
  • Learn agility drills that will reduce the loss of speed and increase explosiveness when changing directions
  • Develop speed through resistance drills and explode like a rocket from your stance
with Donovin Darius, founder and CEO of Next Level Training; former defensive back for the Jacksonville Jaguars; first round NFL draft pick (25th overall); 1998 NFL All Rookie Team; 1997 Big East Defensive Player of the Year; 2x All Big East selection while at Syracuse

Next Level Training is designed to take any athlete to the top of the competitive mountain. Donovin Darius spends over two hours covering every aspect in training athletes for speed, quickness, agility, strength and conditioning. No stone is left unturned as youth athletes of various skill levels demonstrate all the drills, skills and techniques used in Next Level Training & Performance.

Darius starts with a dynamic warm-up that includes 10 drills that get the muscles ready to fire for competition. Any coach wanting to transition from static stretching to a dynamic warm-up will find everything they need in this video. Darius' dynamic flexibility program shows you how to develop flexibility throughout the entire body with the help of 11 movement patterns.

Learn the proper sprint mechanics to maximize speed and the common mistakes that will slow you down. Darius uses resistance training to improve speed with the use of sleds and elastic bands. Your athletes will strengthen their drive phase and learn the mechanics of the "maximum speed phase" to improve the initial burst out of their stance and their ability to pull away from the opponent. Nine ladder drills develop coordination, timing, quick feet and the ability to move in multiple directions. The short-burst performed on the ladder drill will train your body to explode in and out of space to avoid defenders.

The core is the center of the universe! This core development program ties in traditional abdominal strength methods to other diverse methods that are sure to test any level of athlete while demanding core stability and rotational strength. Darius includes 18 drills that includes a medicine ball series, a pedestal or plank series, and explosive training drills to round out the core workout.

Fourteen plyometric drills load the muscles and build tendons and ligaments for explosive quickness and change of direction ability. Also included are agility drills that incorporate reaction skills with lateral, linear, and backpedaling movements.

The variety of drills will amaze you.

Coach Darius does an incredible job of laying out all things needed to create a competitive team through flexibility, speed, and agility development. This video is amazingly comprehensive and will be the only video you need to make your speed and agility program complete from beginning to end.

146 minutes (2 DVDs). 2013.

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