Neal Brown: Proven Air Raid Concepts for Third Down

Neal Brown: Proven Air Raid Concepts for Third Down
Neal Brown: Proven Air Raid Concepts for Third Down
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  • Convert critical third downs and keep your offense moving
  • Teach your quarterback pre-snap and post-snap reads to convert in critical third down situations
  • Use WR splits to improve play effectiveness
  • Install a drop back passing game concept that are good against both one and two safety defenses
with Neal Brown, University of Kentucky Offensive Coordinator

Neal Brown's success as an offensive coordinator stems from his ability to run the Air Raid offense and adjust to defensive schemes. In this clinic lecture, Coach Brown discusses the four concepts of the air raid offense that he utilizes on third down situations. He gives detailed explanations of a quick-passing game concept, a drop-back passing game concept and two different combination run-pass plays.

Coach Brown begins by explaining the philosophy and goals behind the offense he used successfully at Texas Tech and now uses at Kentucky. Using play diagrams, rules sheets and game footage, Coach Brown breaks down his position-by-position rules, shows wide receiver routes, goes in-depth on the quarterback reads and provides extensive film cut-ups on each passing concept. This information is the backbone behind the third down concepts he explains in the remainder of the presentation.

One-Step Quick Game
The first strategy Coach Brown covers is a one-step quick game concept that utilizes a 3-by-1 formation to simplify the quarterback's reads. The concept allows for a 1-on-1 possibility on the backside and an easy read of the nickel defender on the play side.

Drop Back Passing
The second concept is a drop-back pass that creates great 1-on-1 match-ups for the offense. Coach Brown has simplified this play into an easy one-defender read for the quarterback that makes the defense wrong every time. He explains the different backside tags that take advantage of defensive adjustments and shares key coaching points like always completing the skinny post before the hash marks.

Combination Plays
Finally, Coach Brown explains two different combination run-pass plays that give the quarterback a pass/run option that will keep your team out of negative situations. The first play is a simple 3x1 formation with a one-step pass play that the quarterback can convert to a draw play. This play is a post snap read for the quarterback. The line blocks for the draw and the quarterback either throws the quick pass or hands off the draw, depending on defensive keys.

The second combo concept is from a 2x2 set that combines an inside zone run play with a backside out route that provides a simple read for the quarterback. This is a pre-snap read for the quarterback. Using an easy one-defender key of the flat defender, the quarterback exploits the defense with a quick out route or the inside zone run play.

Get three new, easy-to-utilize passing concepts designed to beat all defensive fronts and coverages, while keeping thinking to a minimum for both the quarterback and offensive line whose rules will never change.

Produced at the 2013 Portland Nike Coach of the Year Clinic.

54 minutes. 2014.

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