Must-Win Positions - Volume 2

Must-Win Positions - Volume 2
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Instruction jam-packed with original high-percentage techniques!

  • Defend the legs when they're in and score back points while defending the legs
  • Stop a leg pass before it gets started and learn the motion needed to escape from a claw ride
  • Hustle to win the front headlock position from both top and bottom

with Chris Bono,
University of Wisconsin Head Coach;
former South Dakota State University Head Coach;
2016 Big 12 Coach of the Year;
2002 NWCA Assistant Coach of the Year;
3x U.S. Freestyle World Team Member;
3x All American and 1996 NCAA Champion at Iowa State University

Wrestlers miss or give up too many points in positions they can win. This video is a must for coaches tired of seeing their wrestlers leave points on the mat.

Chris Bono walks through 10 must-win positions, focusing mainly on defensive positions that you must win. He breaks down the moves and covers every step in detail, adding drills along the way to master the positions. These are positions that are common problems for wrestlers.

Crackdown Position and Beating a Leg Pass

The crackdown is one of the most technical positions in wrestling, so learning how to win this position both offensively and defensively is essential. Coach Bono shows how to bump your opponent and get your leg back.

A leg pass off a low single is rapidly becoming fundamental technique in wrestling. Learning the counter to counter game is now must-know material. Bono gives you a basic counter and shows how to use a back hook to complete the takedown.

Single Leg Sprawl Counter and Returning to the Mat

Coach Bono demonstrates three different finishes when your opponent sprawls. One of these finishes leads to back points from a Navy Ride, a solid, rarely seen move.

If your wrestlers are tired of getting to their feet just to get returned, then learn how to land "like a cat" on all fours and knee slide in order to explode back to your feet and gain the advantage.

Leg Defense and Defeating a Shin Whizzer

The next two positions that Bono discuses are the shin whizzer defense and leg defense. Both of these positions can be difficult to defend. He shows two ways to defend the shin whizzer and four different ways to defend legs. Develop the skills to get the defensive pin or to get the escape.

Win the Front Headlock

The front headlock is a staple of Coach Bono's program. He demonstrates how he gets opponents out of position and how to score from the front headlock. See how to win this position from both top and bottom:

  • Master control with the chin and armpit to keep your opponent down and score on top.
  • Learn to stay strong on the bottom to win this position, whether your opponent locks hands or not.

Coach Bono covers many common positions that wrestlers struggle with and shows how to rectify these problems. This is a great video to help your team get to the next level!

53 minutes. 2017.

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