Must-Win Positions - Volume 1

Must-Win Positions - Volume 1
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Techniques and drills that address 10 common positions that are essential to master!

  • Learn how to finish a single leg attack three different ways depending on how your opponent reacts
  • Win the high-crotch crackdown position
  • Return your opponent to the mat and score back points off the return

with Chris Bono,
University of Wisconsin Head Coach;
former South Dakota State University Head Coach;
2016 Big 12 Coach of the Year;
2002 NWCA Assistant Coach of the Year;
3x U.S. Freestyle World Team Member;
3x All American and 1996 NCAA Champion at Iowa State University

Have you ever had a wrestler in on a single leg and couldn't finish? How about giving up on a return to the mat, which resulted in a stall call or giving up a point? Now's the time for your wrestlers to win those positions! Matches can be won or lost by just one point, and this video will help your team be on the winning side of those matches.

In this video, Chris Bono brings his national and international experience together to help you develop your wrestlers in these must-win positions. He shows you 10 must-win positions from the neutral position and the techniques to master these positions to become champions. The techniques and drills in this video will ensure your wrestlers compete at a high level once mastered.

Finish 100% of the time when getting to a leg and getting it in the air.

Your wrestlers must be able to finish when they get to the opponent's leg. Why would you want to work hard for 5 or 6 minutes to get to your opponent's leg once, then not be able to finish? Bono shows the proper technique in securing the single leg, and three ways to finish a single leg depending on how your opponent reacts. He also demonstrates how to score from a single when your opponent is trying to get off the mat or use the edge.

Finish when in on a high crotch.

Win the high-crotch crackdown position every time! Bono demonstrates small details to help your wrestlers score from four different high crotch positions that they'll end up in with regularity. Develop the skills needed to beat the wrestler who likes to sit the corner or crotch lift.

Additionally, you'll get a knee slide drill that is essential for the high crotch.

Win when in the dominant position from a standing front headlock.

The front headlock is one of the most common positions in wrestling and one of the most common stalemated positions. Bono emphasizes proper head and hand position with this technique, showing how to control your opponent in order to get to their leg with a jab step.

Beat your opponent's control ties.

Coach Bono shows how to clear a two-on one and an underhook. He not only shows how to clear these ties, but how to transition directly into a tilt or capture the wrist.

Win the rear standing position.

Master the art of getting your opponent off his feet. Bono teaches ways to return the wrestler back to the mat that don't involve a lot of muscle to get the job done. He also shows how to get back points on the return.

Coach Bono ends the video showing easy techniques to counter the single leg and body locks.

This video addresses so many positions that tend to result in stalemates, conceding, or going out of bounds. Matches can be won or lost by just one point; this video will help your team be on the winning side of those matches!

57 minutes. 2017.

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