Multiple Wishbone Attack - Passing Game

Multiple Wishbone Attack - Passing Game
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Take advantage of favorable match-ups to gain easy yards against vulnerable defenses!

  • Learn a quick passing game out of the Wishbone to take advantage of teams that play man coverage on your split end
  • Implement "flex" passes into your Wishbone to move the ball against defenses with a tough front
  • Discover how to run screens off your play-action and "flex" game

with Mike Rude,
Vienna-Goreville (IL) High School Head Coach;
7x Coach of the Year; Illinois High School Football Coach Hall of Fame (1995)

Having a relentless running attack is advantageous for many reasons, but one of the added benefits is that it allows you to pass and score with great effectiveness. Mike Rude, with his years of experience at the helm of some very successful wishbone offenses, shares with you his go-to favorites for exposing defenses that sleep on the pass game.

Using whiteboard diagrams and film footage, Coach Rude explains the lethal passing attack he uses to keep defenses honest and get points on the board. He explains all the necessary blocking rules, passing routes, and coaching points to keep your team competitive.

Play Action Passing

Having a run-oriented offense like the multiple Wishbone offense will allow for some huge gains on play-action passes. Coach Rude demonstrates some of his favorites, including plays that he had problems defending as a defensive coordinator. Included are the belly bootleg pass and Harrisburg pass. Rude explains the routes, pass protection, and footwork and mechanics of the quarterback on each play. Also, Coach Rude details the read progression he teaches quarterbacks as well as several "tags" that he can add onto the play call which will adjust a specific player's routes to take advantage of how the defense is playing.

You'll also learn how to quickly modify simple play-action passes to exploit any opposing defender who's overly conscious about the run game. Without a doubt, play-action passing is the knockout blow to put away your game day opponent.

Quick Passing

Many defenses you face will put eight to nine players near the line of scrimmage to stop your offense. You can soften their attack and their reaction time with quick passing. Coach Rude diagrams what he terms "44/43 pass," a play designed to be an isolation route to the split end. He explains the blocking rules for the play and quarterback footwork and read progression. The five main routes used with this play are hitch, slant, speed out, fade, and whip read. Also, Rude diagrams how they can throw a "flare pass" to the halfback.

Run & Shoot Passing

One of the best kept secrets of Wishbone football is the fact that the modern Flexbone offense run by Georgia Tech, Army, & Navy is a hybrid of the Wishbone and the Run & Shoot offense made popular in the 1980s. An early form of the spread offense, receivers and quarterbacks would adjust routes mid-play based on how the defenders reacted after the snap. Rude has implemented some of the basic principles of this offense to use against well-coached opponents who can stop the run game. Some tried-and-true Run & Shoot plays include:

  • Sting
  • Slide
  • Slow Screen

Finally, Coach Rude includes the "Air Force" pass, a highly unique passing scheme designed to throw away from the flow of the play. This scheme is sure to catch defenses off guard. Rude diagrams two main routes that he utilizes with the "Air Force" series.

As an added bonus, Coach Rude diagrams the lead draw play that he utilizes with his offense.

There's nothing like a big pass play that goes for a touchdown, and with the multiple Wishbone offense, expect to have a lot of them!

64 minutes. 2017.

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