Multiple Wishbone Attack - Base Plays

Multiple Wishbone Attack - Base Plays
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Learn formations, blocking schemes, and points of attack that will destroy your opponent on game day!

  • Discover how to attack the inside, off-tackle, and perimeter from the wishbone
  • Get the formation and play calling terminology Coach Rude uses with his wishbone offense.
  • Learn how to coach running back blocking and block-reading techniques, plus add motion in the multi-attack

with Mike Rude,
Vienna-Goreville (IL) High School Head Coach;
7x Coach of the Year; Illinois High School Football Coach Hall of Fame (1995)

High school football today is all about spreading the field and throwing the ball around. This leaves a huge opportunity to be different and unique. What better way to frustrate defenses than to use an offense made productive by the likes of Barry Switzer and Bear Bryant?

Using whiteboard diagrams and film footage, 47-year veteran of high school football, Mike Rude, explains in detail the base plays needed to run a multiple formation wishbone attack. Coach Rude explains all the necessary blocking rules, techniques, and schemes for a formidable rushing offense.

Multiple Formations

Prepare to eat up your opponent's practice time when you show multiple formations that enable you to expose your opponent's weaknesses on defense. Rude explains the basic play calling terminology, formations and alignment rules for each position. He then diagrams several formations, including ends tight, ends out, double tight-double wing, flex, patriot, army; and several unbalanced formations including green, heavy, and over.

Coach Rude also diagrams how he can tag formation calls to move a receiver or halfback into an alternate alignment to give the defense a different formation to defend. You'll get the terminology Rude uses to make this happen.

The Base Plays

This video will show you the base plays that you should use to attack and expose your opponent's defense. Coach Rude demonstrates multiple points of attack, from quick hitters inside, deadly off-tackle plays, and big play perimeter runs.

Rude diagrams 34/23, which is an off-tackle lead play that features two lead blockers, and 44/43, which is another lead play with the fullback carrying the ball. He also diagrams the belly series, buck trap series, quick pitch, and blast play. These series of plays give the offense a balanced rushing attack while being designed to outnumber the defense at the point of attack.

Blocking Schemes

Every base run play follows basic blocking rules that Coach Rude explains and emphasizes to his players, giving them the ability to never be wrong on a blocking assignment. When defenses adjust to stop your offense, Rude explains the perfect blocking scheme corrections to keep the ball and the chains moving. You'll learn how to teach:

  • Step Blocks
  • Fold Blocks
  • When to double team
  • When to cross-block
  • Killer trap blocks
  • Gut blocking and more

Rude gives an explanation on why each adjustment is used and how he coaches his players to execute the various blocks. You'll also get valuable game footage of every base play to see how they look in game scenarios.

This offense is still credited with holding the NCAA record for single-season rushing average: 472 yds per game (OU 1971). What better way to send a message than with physical, running football? This video will help you learn formations, blocking schemes, and multiple points of attack that will destroy your opponent on game day!

90 minutes. 2017.

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