Multiple Set Plays for the Swing Offense

Multiple Set Plays for the Swing Offense
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Product Description

Implement the Swing offense and develop all-around players!

  • Learn how to utilize the "Up" series to maximize offense with two skilled posts
  • See a unique "Wrap" action that implements some Princeton movement
  • Get 18 set plays that you can put into your offensive playbook

with Bo Ryan,
member of the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame (2017);
former University of Wisconsin Head Coach;
Back-to-Back NCAA Final Four ('14 & '15);
4x Big Ten Coach of the Year;
7x Big Ten Championships (three tournament & four regular season);
2008 Jim Phelan National Coach of the Year;
2007 Adolph Rupp Cup Award;
2007 Clair Bee Coach of the Year Award;
former UW-Platteville Head Coach - 4x NCAA DIII National Champions

Bo Ryan, the architect of the Swing offense, breaks down the ins and outs of the system that catapulted his teams to multiple deep runs in the NCAA Tournament. This offense is known for creating high percentage shots in areas where your team can take advantage of favorable match-ups.

Along with insights on the Swing offense, Ryan passes on some fantastic set plays that he has used through the years. These plays complement the Swing offense and easily fit in with its formation and function.

Offensive Philosophy

Oftentimes during his coaching career, Coach Ryan's offenses were thought of as slow and methodical, but in this video he shows why that's not entirely true, and shares the secrets of why the Swing offense has been so successful. Some of the key points that Ryan stresses during this video include:

  • Spacing the floor
  • Preventing turnovers
  • Getting more shots
  • Offensive rebounding
  • Fundamentals

While most coaches preach these concepts, Ryan lives by them. Because of this, his teams have always been some of the most efficient in the country. In particular, Ryan highlights the importance of getting a good shot every time down the court - which is why his offense is so effective.

Swing Offense

Coach Ryan begins with positioning, then explains the fundamental movements behind the offense. Creating a triangle on one side of the floor is a key foundation behind the Swing offense.

Ryan also breaks down five post moves that his players work on every day. Every player in the Swing offense needs to learn how to be a threat from the post. Next, you'll learn how to implement back screens, flex cuts, and great looks for 3-pointers from inside-out.

Another great component to this offense is its ability to go after opposing players who are in foul trouble. By isolating these players in the post, defenses must figure out ways to help, which often opens up opportunities elsewhere.

After running through the offense, Ryan shares several plays that can easily be run out of the Swing set. These plays will give your team looks from the post, from the 3-point line, off of ball screens, fade screens, and other actions.

With great screening actions, fantastic looks in the post, and the highest percentage 3-pointers available, the Swing offense will give your team the tools necessary to have tremendous success on the court!

69 minutes. 2018.

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