Multiple Attacking Sets Versus Man and Zone Defenses

Multiple Attacking Sets Versus Man and Zone Defenses
Multiple Attacking Sets Versus Man and Zone Defenses
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Product Description

  • Pick up quick hitters to get into your motion or score quickly
  • Learn offensive strategies to get the ball to your best player
  • Attack zone defenses by putting pressure on one player in the zone
  • Exploit the defense in their weakest areas
with Jim Ferry, Duquesne University Head Coach;
former Long Island University Head Coach; 2011 NEC Coach of the Year;
Ferry's 2011 squad ranked fourth nationally in scoring (82.7 ppg)

Join Jim Ferry as he shares his insights on quick hitting sets out of the secondary, half-court, box, 1-4, 2-1-2 and stack formations.

Using these set plays, Ferry shows how to get into screen-the-screener situations in order to get good looks at jump shots and post-up isolation in the paint.

Coach Ferry takes viewers through five key scoring strategies: transition, secondary offense, half-court entry, late-clock situations and foul line. He also explains how to use the dribble and pass to key either shuffle or flex action off the break.

In the half-court, he uses various offensive strategies to move his best players around the court. With calls such as quick, 4-5-cross, shuffle and quick to top, he demonstrates how to effectively exploit the weaknesses of the defense.

Coach Ferry ends his presentation with special sets designed to attack even and odd front-zone defenses.

If you're looking for fresh ideas on maximizing opportunities for your best ball handlers or if you need proven strategies for attacking the zone defense, this DVD is for you.

74 minutes. 2011.

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