Multi-Dimensional 1-3-1 Zone Defense

Multi-Dimensional 1-3-1 Zone Defense
Multi-Dimensional 1-3-1 Zone Defense
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  • Learn the 7 keys to running a strong 1-3-1 zone defense
  • Understand 1-3-1 zone defensive positioning for all five players on the court
  • Learn to communicate within the zone with specific terms to alert teams of offensive actions
  • Learn the rotation patterns of each member within the zone, based upon movement of the ball by the offense
  • See several variations of the 1-3-1 defense to match your scouting report
with Carl Bruggink, former Clintonville High School Head Boys Basketball Coach;
member of the Wisconsin Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame.
During his tenure as head coach, Bruggink's teams won 549 games, two state titles (1977 and 1989), three state runner-up trophies (1976, 1987, 1988), nine conference championships and only 5 losing seasons in a 41 year coaching career; high school coach of Dick and Jack Bennett

See a proven method of using the 1-3-1 Match-up Zone in different ways based on the strength of the other team and force your opponent to go to their fourth and fifth option to beat you.

Using on court player interaction, Wisconsin high school coaching legend Carl Bruggink will demonstrate his unique and simple 1-3-1 Match-Up Zone that uses man-to-man principles. The defense starts by applying ball pressure complimented by "nearby help." You'll see how each position within the zone is to react and rotate based upon the most common ways an offense may attack certain aspects of a zone.

Coach Bruggink starts the DVD by explaining personnel and the alignment of the zone. He carefully explains the "eight keys" necessary to execute the 1-3-1, including anticipation, containment, playing "one man away" and staying with the dribbler. He fully explains each of the player responsibilities within his 1-3-1 Matchup Zone Defense. Coach Bruggink covers the basic defensive set-up and rotations necessary to make this defense almost impenetrable by dribble drive. You'll see how applying man-to-man defensive principles and proper 'bumping' will let you create a virtual wall to protect your paint from easy scoring opportunities. He also shows you a simple, quick adjustment to an opponent's two-man front.

With the use of on court player instruction, coach will demonstrate how each player is to rotate based upon the most common forms of attack that most zone offenses utilize, whether it be four guards and a post, a player in the high post or low post position, pass and cut offensive player movement, and how to defend the skip pass. Within each rotation, Bruggink will insert coaching axioms he has learned and experienced, and why his player movement/rotations within the zone must have man-to-man zone principles. He also shows what teams have tried to run to defeat this defense and how to counter it.

You will be given an inside look at his experiences within the game over the years, complete with tales of the various "junk" defenses that he has utilized that allowed him to win games against opponents that had far more skill than his own team. Philosophical beliefs on how to handle coach/player interaction, instruction and motivation, player chatter within the zone, and how to keep practices competitive are also included. Finally, Bruggink closes with a drill that he uses often to force half court execution both offensively and defensively.

The ability to confuse an opponent defensively can be the difference between a less skilled team overcoming a talent discrepancy against a more skilled team. Coach Bruggink's defensive tactics will allow you to stay in the game defensively by forcing the opponent to constantly have to beat you not with their strengths, but with their weaknesses.

46 minutes. 2012.

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