More Than Reps: Drills to Speed Learning and Performance

More Than Reps: Drills to Speed Learning and Performance
More Than Reps: Drills to Speed Learning and Performance
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Product Description

  • Learn how to strategically plan drills to help athletes achieve a higher level of transfer and performance in a shorter amount of time
  • Learn how to put athletes in the best possible position to truly absorb what is being taught
  • Discover a motor learning approach to training athletes
with Doug Reimer, University of British Columbia Head Coach;
2013 CIS National Champions, winners of six consecutive CIS National Championships (2008-13); 2x CIS Coach of the Year

The goal of all coaches is to make their athletes better players, even if that means using unique training methods. In this DVD, Doug Reimer, one of the most successful coaches in Canada, ties a motor learning-based training method to various volleyball drills for a number of different skills. These novel methods can help your players learn skills more quickly and efficiently.

With his "less is more" theory, Coach Reimer explains that a million reps do not always increase learning. He shares ways to engage learners in drills that require them to figure out the right answer as they perform the drill. The drill does the "talking" while the players take ownership of their own learning as they try to accomplish the task. Reimer takes players through a variety of drills focused on specific aspects of the game in order to encourage "transfer-appropriate processing." These include:

  • 3-on-3 Tricky Drill progression to 5-on-5 for warm-up
  • Karate Kid progression for serving
  • Dig Three for targeted digging

Coach Reimer shares his recommendations on executing drills and communicating with athletes in ways that will help them absorb what you're trying to teach. Though these drills may not be familiar, they are proven and effective at teaching players the game and making them move. They push players outside of their comfort level, making them better during match play.

These drills are based on motor learning, and are effective at any age level and playing level. Players might "fail" at practice but, as they learn from their mistakes, they will be better in game-day situations.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to add a valuable title to your coaching library! Bring Reimer's evidence-based methodology for training for maximum transfer and true learning into your gym, and watch as your team really takes their performance to the next level.

Produced at the 2013 AVCA Annual Convention in Seattle, WA.

39 minutes. 2014.

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