Mike White: Zone Offense Philosophy, Tactics & Sets

Mike White: Zone Offense Philosophy, Tactics & Sets
Mike White: Zone Offense Philosophy, Tactics & Sets
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Insightful tactics and strategies to beat any zone defense!

  • Learn how to run a ball screen offense vs. a 2-3 zone to create an advantage on the back end of the zone
  • Includes 10 different ways to attack a zone
  • See White's two favorite drills to drive home consistency in passing and shooting against the zone

with Mike White,
University of Florida Head Coach;
2017 SEC Coach of the Year;
former Louisiana Tech Head Coach, back-to-back-to-back conference champions (2013-15); 2015 Conference USA Coach of the Year, 2013 WAC Coach of the Year

Many teams look to the zone defense to slow opponents down and create low percentage shots for the other team. Florida Gators head coach, Mike White, gives you the keys and strategy to counter any zone defense.

You'll see how to develop an effective zone philosophy by knowing why teams play zone against you and ways to beat their zone pressure. Coach White gives you breakdown drills that will develop passing with his Circle Passing drill, and shooting against a zone with his Slot Corner Shooting drill. You'll learn how to attack the 2-3 zone, 1-3-1 zone and a 3-2 zone with multiple sets and plays.

Developing a Zone Philosophy

Coach White provides a three-step overview to help develop your zone philosophy. The first phase features a general 10-point overview to beat a zone defense. Points include: flattening out a zone, beating a zone down the floor, screening the zone and playing behind the zone.

The second phase contains 17 key zone ideas, which help teach you and your players how to counter a zone. Key ideas include: hiding non scorers, not holding the ball against a zone and putting players in their respective ranges.

The last phase to building a zone philosophy centers on asking questions regarding the zone. Coach White gives you 11 questions to ask yourself when a team plays zone against you; questions such as:

  • "Why do teams play zone against you?"
  • "When do teams play zone against you?"
  • "Who has been most effective playing against them?"

Zone Skill Development Drills

Coach White gives you his two favorite drills to help develop zone offensive skills. The Circle Passing and Slot Corner Shooting drills will help develop your team's passing and shooting against a zone. These two drills will train your players to:

  • Pass against pressure within a zone
  • Trace the ball while on a defensive stop
  • Get open shots within your zone offense
  • Develop confidence and consistency in your team's passing and shooting when facing a zone

Attacking a Zone Defense

Whether it be 2-3, 1-3-1 or 3-2 zone defense, Coach White gives you sets and plays to counter any zone defense. You will see multiple looks out of a traditional 1-3-1 zone offensive play, and learn how they get the ball to the circle or the middle of the defense. You will also see:

  • A variation of coach John Beilein's (U MI) motion offense against a 2-3 zone
  • Ball screen overload and interchange
  • X Screen lob plays for both your 5 man and wing players
  • A box formation to attack a 1-3-1 zone
  • How to attack a 3-2 zone by getting the ball inside against the zone

Coach White gives you the drills and sets to help you conquer any zone defense. You need not worry when your opponent comes out in a zone this season, because you will be able to execute with confidence after watching this video and incorporating some of White's favorite drills into your team practices!

Produced at the Spring 2016 Biloxi (MS) clinic.

72 minutes. 2016.

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