Mike Riley: The Building Blocks of a Successful Football Program

Mike Riley: The Building Blocks of a Successful Football Program
Mike Riley: The Building Blocks of a Successful Football Program
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Product Description

  • Learn six areas critical to building a football team
  • Create a clear understanding of the roles and expectations for both players and coaches
  • Identify the key components to Motivation and Focus on Player Leadership
  • Take advantage of the personal skills and strengths of the players you have with a Football Offensive Inventory
with Mike Riley,
University of Nebraska Head Coach;
former Oregon State University Head Coach;
2008 AFCA Pac-10 Coach of the Year; former San Diego Chargers Head Coach;

This video will take you inside Oregon State football's philosophy of building a winning program. Head Coach Mike Riley discusses the Building Blocks of Success and how they are applied to both players and coaches.

As a coach you must define what your program will do to help your players beyond just winning football games. Coach Riley discusses his six Building Blocks of Success:

  • What Players Want
  • What Goes with Winning
  • Motivation
  • Leadership
  • Structure
  • Foundation
Each of these six components of the OSU philosophy is covered from the perspective of what they mean for both players and coaches. This approach provides a great framework for how to teach and implement these elements into your program. There is a great emphasis on both teaching players and coaching coaches.

The video also presents an overview of the Oregon State offensive schemes and concepts, with an emphasis on understanding both what you are going to do and who you are going to do it with. The basis is to get every player ready for game day is to make sure every possible starter can execute the base offensive plays. This is a key element of the OSU philosophy that the scheme needs to be adaptable to what players do best in order to put them in a position to be successful. This segment of the video matches very well with the earlier discussion of OSU philosophy.

Coaches looking to for new ways to strengthen their program will find this video helpful. Coach Riley provides a framework in which any coach can adapt the basics of OSU Football philosophy to their individual program and design a total program that is right for them

Produced at the 2013 Denver (CO) Nike Coach of the Year Clinic.

63 minutes. 2013.

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