Mike Dunlap: Transition Offense - The First 6 Seconds

Mike Dunlap: Transition Offense - The First 6 Seconds
Mike Dunlap: Transition Offense - The First 6 Seconds
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Product Description

  • Get easy lay-ups within the first six seconds of the shot clock!
  • Pressure and control the defense
  • Instill the confidence in your players to aggressively attack the rim
with Mike Dunlap,
former Charlotte Bobcats (NBA) Head Coach;
former Assistant Coach at St. Johns University;
former Metropolitan State College Head Coach;
2x NCAA Division II National Champion (2000, 2002), NABC Division II Coach of the Year (2000, 2002)

The first six seconds of the shot clock can determine the outcome of the offensive possession. Mike Dunlap shows you how to make those six seconds count in this exciting DVD focused exclusively on transition offense.

Coach Dunlap shares insights and techniques on motivating players to attack the basket in transition. Using effective, easy-to-follow, on-the-court demonstrations, Dunlap delivers a detailed explanation of the three R's of effective offense transition—run out, read and react. He shows how to get the ball out of the net and push it quickly up-court to achieve the dual goal of pressuring and controlling the aggressiveness of the defense.

He covers techniques like proper spacing on the break and accelerating through the dead corners on the wings. He also stresses the importance of positive reinforcement to instill confidence and build stronger, smarter players.

An up-tempo game favors a well-conditioned team. To help your players achieve top performance, Coach Dunlap shares a three-lane running drill that will help them get a feel for running the floor hard. His blitz drill trains players to optimize scoring chances by reacting quickly but not hurriedly to defensive pressure.

Communicate better with players, instill a higher level of confidence and teach players to move more aggressively up-court with this excellent DVD from Mike Dunlap.

59 minutes. 2011.

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